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Faithful Cheaters

by Will Demers
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Apr 27, 2017
Stephen Thorne as Theo, Mauro Hantman as Phil
Stephen Thorne as Theo, Mauro Hantman as Phil   

Marriage is a wonderful thing, especially when everyone is happy, work is good and things are prospering. And one should never, ever keep a secret from their spouse. Poppy and Theo are married. Poppy and Theo are very, very busy people. And they both have a secret, one the other does not know.

"Faithful Cheaters" examines in a seriocomic way what happens when a supposedly happy union is heading for the rocks and the results are quite hilarious, at least, in this world they are. Trinity Repertory resident playwright Deborah Salem Smith has crafted a fun, energetic and wordy show that's a breath of fresh air, mountain lake air that is. Arriving at Sonoma, a beautiful spot by a lake complete by a lodge with no electricity, riddled with raccoons and flanked by two smaller houses with the same lack of amenities, Poppy brings her two moms, Marion and Nance. And of course Theo.

Theo has allergies, and the air immediately disagrees with him. Marion is exhilarated and Nance is mortified. And then there's Phil, who's living in one of the cottages and has a serious dislike for clothing, except for a dirty towel wrap. Between the meddling moms and a surprise guest from the past who comes to call, this situation goes from bad to worse.

You see, here by the lake is where the secrets start to come out, and in these close quarters there's the prying eyes of Marion and Nance, as well as the ever present Phil. Once the misunderstandings start, the show never stalls.

The fun of the production is in the discovery of these revelations so I won't go into too much detail here, but Salem Smith has concocted a fun story filled with clever dialogue and some situations bordering on slapstick.

Fortunately this don't hinder the story at all, and it's skillfully directed by guest Melia Bensussen and the cast of resident actors plus one new face makes for a great event. Stephen Thorne's Theo is a hapless but loveable character who only wants his marriage to blossom. Rebecca Gibel's Poppy is bright eyed and ready for adventure, she is excellent.

Newcomer to Trinity Karen MacDonald is absolutely hysterical as Nance. And a small part for Charlie Thurston highlights his comedic talents very well. But the two shining stars are Mauro Hantman as Phil and Anne Scurria as Marion. Phil's antics are breezy and fun, definitely an inspired portrayal. And the ever talented Scurria makes Marion a free spirit who's ready for anything.

The costumes are spot on, especially Marion's and a young man named "Butsy." Special mention to the set designer Cristina Todesco for crafting a fabulous set complete with sand and cottages, the lighting perfectly enhances the story.

"Faithful Cheaters" runs through May 21 at Trinity Repertory Company, 201 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903. For information or tickets, call 401-351-4242 or visit www.trinityrep.com


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