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Wild Goose Dreams

by Rodney Rodriguez
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 18, 2017
Wild Goose Dreams

Occasionally a piece of theatre comes along that takes you by surprise, has you captivated, and absorbs you through the night and into your drive home. Rare and wonderful, works like this aren't usually anticipated which makes the experience a little more fun and though fun is not the most apropos descriptor, it shouldn't ward anyone off from seeing an essential dramatization of the human heart and experience. "Wild Goose Dreams" is now playing at the Mandell Weiss Forum at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Nanhee is a defector from North Korea who is desperately seeking the father she left behind. Minsung is a lonely goose father, a Korean man who lives overseas and away from his family sending money home to support them. Their solitude leads them online and into each other's lives.

Through dating apps, YouTube, and liaisons in the cramped quarters, they seek companionship in each other but are torn between romance and family ties. Innovative and eloquently told, South Korean playwright Hansol Jung weaves a haunting, humorous and emotionally wrought tale exploring family, our need for connection, and the limits of our own selves to find connection.

Continuing a trend of showcasing diverse voices and stories, the La Jolla Playhouse adds to that resume with another stirring show creatively told and expertly helmed by Leigh Silverman. Coupled with an all-star lead cast including fantastic performances by Yunjin Kim as Nanhee, James Kyson and Minsung, and Francis Jue as Father, and a chorus that utterly shines in an act that defines this show.

A remarkable creative cast makes this intricate creation look effortless in its execution including original music by Paul Castles, choreography by Yasmine Lee, and a set design by Wilson Chin that is transformative and lends perfectly to the driving pace of the storyline.

A stunning surprise, I wasn't sure what to expect when I entered the theatre and was simply not prepared to be met by superior creativity. Not a casual night at the theatre but well worth the price of admission, "Wild Goose Dreams" is inventive, elegant storytelling and is a vital story staged as a work of art.

"Wild Goose Dreams" runs through October 1 at the La Jolla Playhouse, 2910 La Jolla Village Dr. in La Jolla, CA. For information or tickets, call 858-550-1010 or visit www.LaJollaPlayhouse.org.


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