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Russia’s Putin Signs Law Limiting Adoption By Gays

Wednesday Jul 3, 2013

President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that sharply limits the adoption of Russian children by people from countries that allow same-sex marriage.

The new law prohibits adoption by same-sex foreign couples whose homeland recognizes their union as marriage, as well as by single people or unmarried couples from those countries.

A Kremlin statement said the measure is intended to guarantee children a "harmonious" upbringing and protect them from "complexes, emotional suffering and stress."

The bill signed Wednesday is the latest move by Russia to buck the Western trend toward greater acceptance of homosexuality. On Sunday, Putin approved a ban on giving children any information about gays.

The adoption bill further shrinks the possibilities for 600,000 Russian children without parental custody. Last year, Russia banned all adoptions by Americans.

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  • , 2013-07-03 21:17:01

    He is and will always be a pompous ass and his country will drown it’s sorrows with cheap vodka and cigarettes.

  • Wayne M., 2013-07-03 22:44:36

    This proves the total dishonesty of the argument that banning adoption by LGBT people is to protect children. As a teacher, I am well aware of many studies that showed just how much children suffered in orphanages. In fact,many children died for lack of human contact and love. I do hope that LGBT people will boycott Russia as a tourist destination in solidarity with our brothers and sisters (and with children) in that country. Yet, I fear that there will still be those queens who "just have to see Russia and all its treasures" - just as we have some queens who "just love to visit" those countries where LGBT people face the death penalty and life imprisonment.

  • BlondieSL, 2013-07-04 04:50:18

    Some good points there, Wayne! I can guarantee you this. I will NEVER visit that country or ANY country that oppresses Gay people or any people. I won’t even go to Cuba because it’s communist. And for that idiot to actually believe that leaving kids in their orphanages is somehow better than being with loving Gay couples, well, that just makes me sick.... but honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve NEVER liked the Russian attitude of superiority and arrogance. But like I said before, I truly believe that their/his biggest problem is in fearing that Russian kids, being with openly Gay people or even in "Open" countries will teach the kids about tolerance and acceptance. This is something that has always evaded Russians.

  • SuperDonn93, 2013-07-04 10:05:41

    Sooo instead of allowing these orphans to go to loving homes with amazing parents, he wants to stop that... since he’s going to do that he might as well tell the effin parents to stop giving them to the adoption agencies and raise the kids themselves. He can remain in the toilet with the rest of the sh*t coming from his mouth and a**

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