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Millennial Sex Survey Results Revealed

Tuesday Apr 24, 2018

SKYN Condoms unveils today a new survey designed to analyze the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of sexually active millennials. Having surveyed nearly 4,000 individuals, findings from the 2018 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey highlight that the realities of millennial sex challenge many preconceived notions.

A generation that is widely criticized for risky sexual behavior and often lauded for their opinions on equality and empowerment, some significant findings from the survey showcase that perceptions do not always equal reality. Results reveal that when it comes to sex, millennials are:

Quick to Judge
While respondents claim they do not think of women or men differently for having multiple sexual partners, 54 percent of respondents say they perceive women negatively for having multiple sexual partners. Women are especially hard on each other, with 61 percent of females looking poorly at women for having multiple partners.

Flashing the Camera
Compared to SKYN's 2017 Survey, females had a spike in sending nudes YoY of +22% with 41percent sending nudes at least once per week.

Swiping Right Less
Compared to SKYN's 2017 Sex Survey, fewer millennials are using dating apps, with only 21 percent of respondents using free or paid online dating sites, online classifieds, mobile apps, or social media to find a sexual partner.

Taking Risks Outside of the Bedroom
Condom users are more adventurous with their sex locations than non-condom users with 37.4 percent of condom users sharing that they have had sex either in a car, on a car, in an airplane, school, church, party, outside, in a hot tub or pool, at the beach or in a phone booth.

Faking It
Although more women "rarely to never" fake orgasms, women are more likely to be fakers than men are, with 63 percent of females reporting that they have faked an orgasm, compared to 43 percent of males. Only 12 percent of females report faking an orgasm "always" or "most of the time."

Getting Freakier with Age
Older millennial respondents (aged 30-36) are using kinkier sexual accessories, with 42 percent incorporating anal beads, 37 percent using handcuffs, 42 percent videotaping sexual encounters, and 39 percent using whips.

In addition to questions related to sexual behaviors, the 2018 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey asked nearly 4,000 sexually active millennials across the U.S. detailed information about their sex lives, including favorite positions, occasions resulting in the most sex, partner preferences, bedroom confidence, and much more. Additional findings include:

Smart is Sexy
More respondents think that having a sense of humor, being smart and good looks are sexy attributes. For men, being good looking is the sexiest attribute, followed by a sense of humor, being fun, and honest. For females, sense of humor, being smart, and confidence are the sexiest attributes.

Save A Horse
Doggy-style is respondents' favorite sexual position in 2018 with 31 percent of men and women saying it was their top sexual position followed by missionary and cowgirl.

Let's Get Political
Republicans are having sex more frequently than Democrats with 77 percent of Republicans reporting having sex at least once per week compared to 68 percent of Democrats. While Republicans are having more sex, Democrats are using condoms most frequently with 66 percent of Democrats using condoms "always," "most of the time" or "sometimes."

Red is the New Blonde
Redheads reported having sex the most frequently with 77 percent saying they have sex at least once per week. Fifty percent of redheads also say that they sext at least once a week.

Sex Over Coffee
When asked if they would rather go one full year without having sex or one full year without drinking coffee, 80 percent of all respondents said they would give up the coffee for sex.

Eggplants and Peaches, Oh My!
When asked about sexting habits, many respondents shared that they use emojis with 44 percent of males and 33 percent of females using emojis while sexting at least once per week.

"Millennials are our strongest consumer today and make up the majority of our customer base," says Jeyan Heper, Chief Executive Officer of LifeStyles Healthcare. "Our annual survey allows us to further uncover the sexual preferences, trends, and desires of sexually active millennials of our core demographic and create products and tools to enhance pleasure and better sexual health."


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