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British Man Sentenced for Murdering Wife After Being Taunted for Penis Size

Friday Jul 13, 2018

A British man was convicted this week for murdering his wife after she taunted him over the size of his penis, BBC News reported today.

David Clark, 49, was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years for murdering his wife, Melanie, on New Year's Eve.

"Clark claimed he suffered a 'loss of control' as his wife 'nearly always' belittled the size of his penis, making him feel 'inadequate,'" the BBC report continued.

The trial also included testimony that Clark's wife had made other "cruel remarks" during their marriage and claimed to have had a lesbian affair.

The couple had visited friends for a New Year's Eve celebration, which included playing a snakes and ladders drinking game.

"Clark later contacted the emergency services and said he had stabbed his wife," the BBC report continued.

The testimony also included that the couple, who had moved to England from South Africa in 2011, had a volatile relationship. He "would became 'vengeful' and 'uncontrollably' angry when his wife would not rise to taunts contained in text messages," wrote the BBC.

"He was described as controlling and bullying toward both his wife and her children from a previous relationship, and she eventually asked him to leave the home which they shared."

In sentencing Clark, the court justice told him that "(She) was a healthy woman in the prime of her life.

"She was subjected to a brutal attack, which came without warning."

One of Mrs. Clarke's four children, "said the 'horrific crime' had left him 'an orphan', and he now suffered 'anxiety and depression,'" wrote BBC News.

"I can't see any sort of future. I can't see a way out and sometimes I wish I wasn't even alive," he said.


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