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Hotel Transylvania 3

by JC Alvarez
Friday Oct 12, 2018
Hotel Transylvania 3

Hijinks on the high seas — Monster Style! It can be a real challenge for any one to find a way to spend some quality time with friends and family. When you're a monster, it can be doubly tough — especially if you have to keep to the shadows, wear disguises, and have had to outwit every monster hunter out to get you! That's a whole lot of lifetimes to make up for a good time, and why Dracula (voiced by comedian Adam Sandler) spends so much time minding the family business!

In "Hotel Transylvania 3" available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Combo Pack Dracula has been so busy making sure that all monsters have a safe haven of their own, where they can let down their hair (or fangs) and just party, it's been ages since he's even had time to sink his teeth into the dating scene. That's why his daughter Mavis (voiced by pop sensation Selena Gomez) has decided that her dad needs to get away from it all, to reconnect with the things that matter — like Drac's half-human grandson Dennis and son-in-law! Mavis sets the whole monster gang up!

So how do monsters live it up? They journey along the ocean, on a cruise liner with everything a ghoul could ask for! From an unlimited assortment of goodies to dine on, to a baby-sitting service willing to watch a whole pack of youngling werewolves — no matter how unruly! Drac may even have a good reason to boogie on down when he "zings" with the ship's captain, Ericka — though she may not be exactly on the up-and-up with passengers! Ericka is leading all the monsters on a voyage to the fabled city of Atlantis...where she is planning to feed her passengers to the Kraken!

Can Drac change her mind about her intentions, save his family from becoming a sea-monsters delight and win Ericka's heart? "Hotel Transylvania 3" is delightfully sweet and just the thing to spark up a family Halloween night! The film is ingeniously comedic and warm. Sandler and Gomez have really brought life to these undead cartoon characters, and lead a star filled voice cast that is as charming as you can imagine! There aren't any frights to fear! "Hotel Transylvania 3" continues in the tradition of its predecessors proving that love knows no boundaries.

The Blu-ray is loaded with tons of special features, including 2 mini-movies starring Dennis and featuring the newest member of the family... Tickles the Puppy! Additional bonus content includes sing-alongs and lyric videos featuring Joe Jonas! The behind the "screams" featurette brings the audience into the sound booth the meet the all-star cast and see them all in action. "Hotel Transylvania 3" is a non-stop party worth the ticket price! You'll be ready to set sail again and again. It's a Halloween Bon Voyage perfect for the season! All Aboard!

"Hotel Transylvania 3"
available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD

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