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Thursday Oct 25, 2018

As any visit to a new place, your first visit to a casino can be quite overwhelming and full of anxiety, especially if you decide to go on your own or with someone as blank as you. That shouldn't, however, discourage you like everyone you see in that casino; including the most confident gurus, were once beginners. Nobody was born in the casino, right? Well, that thought alone should offer you enough consolation. But in addition to that, knowing what to expect and what will be expected of you, will give you the confidence you need to keep your head held-up high even in your newbie status.

Here are some incredible tips that will ensure you have a wholesome fun on your first day in the online casino, without breaking your budget or interfering with your schedule. Read on!

Don't Let Fear Rule You

Well, as mentioned earlier, it's okay to feel a little bit anxious. But don't let that fear develop into a hindrance. You wouldn't be able to see anything good if you are scared to try new things. You must have decided to visit the Malaysia online casino for a reason, right? So let it be your motivation. Yes, the site might be flashy, all glamorous and full of players with their guts seemingly intact, but that doesn't depict the full actual reality. Even the biggest of them all is still finding their way around! Remove that Hollywood casino movie concept from your head and face the real world. Here you can sit wherever you want (you already are, right?), strike a conversation with whoever you feel comfortable with and no random guy will give you a blow from nowhere. Be bold, act boldly!

Take Your Time To Learn

The primary cause of fear in life is lack of knowledge. You fear of what might happen if you find yourself in a fix and can't figure out what to do, you also fear for the uncertain. Casinos, like any business, have their set of rules. In fact, each game you come across has its own set of rules that every player must adhere to. Take time to learn something about your game of interest by:

Conducting some research. The internet is full of handy information when it comes to online casino games. There are several experts and non-expert resources you can use to sharpen your skills. The good thing is that you can get the information you want in forms of diagrams, videos or even audios. Take advantage of those ones.

Enrolling in Some Free Casino Lessons. There is actually not much difference in playing online or offline. If you know a casino near you, you can always pass by for some free casino lessons before embarking fully on online playing. Also, you can seek the guidance of a close friend to assist you through the process. You will discover that it isn't as difficult as you might have thought.

Practice Makes Perfect. You don't have to spend much time online to be an expert. You can, for instance, set an hour or two in a day to learn something new for the first few days. Remember, you will learn most of the games' secrets as you keep playing so don't be too hard on yourself. Practicing will give you the confidence you need to make that first bold casino playing step. But then, no matter how confident you get, don't be too overwhelmed as this might lead you to spend more money than you anticipated. Remain cool.

Stick To Your Limitations

Always remember no matter how long you have been practicing, you still remain a beginner on the day of your very first game. Therefore, spend your time on games with fewer bets per spend. Use the lowest table limits. Here you get to spend pretty the same amount of money on several games for more fun. Your first game should be all about testing the waters and gaining experience. So place less emphasis on winning and enjoy. Try as much as possible to extend your very first betting experience over a long period of time, without having to spend much.

Download Casinos Or Instant Play Casinos?

These two casino versions are pretty similar; the reason as to why most beginners don't know which one to select. However, despite their similarity, the difference lies in the number of features each has to offer. For example, the download version allows you access to many games while the instant option lets you play right away.

For a beginner, it's better to use the instant way since it's less confusing and you would love how fast it can get. You can leave the download option for later; when you have mastered your way around. After all, it's supposed to be all fun. No room for uncertain download frustrations.

Play "On The Go"

If there is something more exciting about online casinos, is the fact that you don't have to be stationed at one point to enjoy the game/games. So long as you possess an internet-enabled mobile phone or tablet, then you get to play wherever you want and at whatever time of the day. Several established and upcoming operators are now rapidly incorporating mobile gaming into their online services. The use of optimized user-friendly mobile game apps on iPhones, Androids, and iPads couldn't have come at a better time.

And just like the PC options, you get both the instant plays and downloads. But it's better to go instant as a newbie not only because the results are fast and instant, but also because this will save-up some of your mobile phone space. The fun doesn't have to interfere with other valuable files on your phone.

Know The Bonuses And User Conditions

Most operators will offer you awesome bonuses when you first sign into their casino platform. However, the offers are pretty different in terms of the bonuses they carry and they all come with various terms of use. For example, you might come across one that expects you to play a couple of rounds before qualifying for any winning withdrawals.

You should also take your time to understand the weight of each game, as they are never the same. The good thing is that amidst all these, you get to boost your earnings and play for long, which means more experience. But like any other product in the market, ensure to go through all the stated terms and conditions of bonus use to avoid surprises in the future. You don't want to experience some unknown deductions when you are already a pro now, do you?

Your Safety Comes First

Many individuals will readily confess that they hold back from any online business, including casino games for purely security concerns. Therefore, don't feel too paranoid if you find yourself feeling the same. It actually shows you're vigilant and that's a great attribute. Nonetheless, there isn't any reason to be afraid as most reputable operators nowadays embrace the use of the latest innovative technology in their businesses. Most of them use SSL to ensure your personal information doesn't leak to any third parties. So you can rest easy.

And if you're worried about the invasion of viruses you can be sure that any legit online casino has in place effective software to ensure you browse around safely. So to ensure you're on the right site, check out their operating license. While this might not guarantee 100% security, it's a vital security measure you should learn to take. After all, your safety begins with you! Don't be led by chances.

Know The Payment Options

Well, gambling is one of the few fun-filled games that can also be very profitable. Therefore, before you even think of your very first game, consider checking out the payment and withdrawal options embraced by the casino operator you join. Don't worry about safety as all your information, including that of payment is encrypted. Most, if not all, the casinos we know about conduct instant deposit processing. However, it takes a given timeline to process withdraws and this differs from one operator to the other. But at the end of it all, you do get your funds.

You can use your debit and credit cards for transactions, with some established operators accepting the use of e-wallets. So typically, the choice of transaction you choose entirely depends on you. We would, however, recommend you get a new credit/debit card solely for online business just as a precautionary measure.

Additionally, be ready with your identification papers as this will help in the smooth processing of payments. It's a security requirement to be ready to cooperate. In fact, the sooner you provide your information to the customer support team, the better for you and everyone else. You want to avoid blame games later on in case you face payment delays due to the same.

For a beginner with the urgent need of money, it's better if you could get an e-wallet as payments are pretty fast as compared to the other methods.

How Real Is Winning?

Forget about the many movies you have watched where every big guy was winning lots of cash in the first trial. Casino betting, like any other gambling activity, is a risky affair. Hence, without any need to sugarcoat, there will always be those games that you will win and those that you will lose. There is no shortcut around this; be psychologically prepared. In fact, chances are that you will lose more in the beginning as you master the playing tactics than you would later on. That's why it's advisable to start out small.

This shouldn't discourage you, as you can make things pretty simple by acquiring some valuable playing strategies. And, yes, it's possible to win real big just as it's to lose big time. The difference lies in how you handle either a win or a loss and how you dust yourself to move forward. It will make no sense at all if you win big and get extravagant with your expenditure and end up losing much more than you would have lost in the first instance.

Fairness In The Online Casinos

The stiff competition in the gambling business has led to operators trying out various tactics to maintain their customers and stay at the top of their competition. They are therefore sure to invest in high-quality software for utmost transparency and genuine payouts. They also employ accounting professionals to ensure all their payouts are genuine and up to date. Most casinos have this information on their homepages for easy access to potential and existing players.

They know too well that if things don't go well and their customers feel oppressed, they wouldn't hesitate to switch to the next available online casino. So they don't take chances on the fairness issue.

So yes, casinos are pretty fair in their operations and it's pretty evident in the enormous profits they have been making. Otherwise, would people still play if it was all that unfair? Be the judge!

How Legal Is It?

We haven't heard of anyone being prosecuted for participating in casino playing. And although most countries across the globe have various laws and regulations surrounding gambling, the seriousness is usually on the age limit. So if you're of age according to your area of residence, there isn't anything holding you back from having fun while earning at the palm of your hands.

Furthermore, if anything happens, the operators are the ones at risk as they take full responsibility for anyone signing-up with them. So if the law doesn't allow you to play online, the online casino will be the primary target of the law enforcers.


We hope that this simple but comprehensive beginner gambling guide helps you in your fun-filled playing adventure. Remember, as a beginner you have to take things slow as you master the secrets of the industry. You can also request help from experienced family members and friends. Just keep two things in mind: To have lots of fun and to equip yourself with adequate information on various games before playing, and, above all, have an open mind as sometimes things don't turn out the way you anticipated. Also, learn to accept a loss the same way you would a win. It's now time to roll up in cash and fun!


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