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Watch: GLAAD Says Kevin Hart 'Shouldn't Have Stepped Down' From Hosting Oscars

Friday Dec 7, 2018

After Kevin Hart announced he was stepping down from hosting the Oscars next year — just two days after confirming he'd host the ceremony — due to anti-gay tweets he made in the past, GLAAD is reacting to the news in a surprising way.

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis spoke with The Wrap, calling out the comedian for stepping down from the gig. She says Hart should have remained as host for the 91st Academy Awards and used the platform to show that he's grown and bring awareness to LGBTQ issues.

"Kevin Hart shouldn't have stepped down; he should have stepped up," Ellis said. "Hart's apology to LGBTQ people is an important step forward, but he missed a real opportunity to use his platform and the Oscars stage to build unity and awareness."

Speaking with CNN, Ellis said GLAAD was hoping Hart would use his hosting duties as a "teachable moment" for himself and the country.

"This wasn't the conclusion I think everyone would have liked," she said, adding that the door to GLAAD is always open to Hart should he want to discuss the fiasco.

Ellis was asked who should replace Hart as host.

"The Academy has recently made significant strides in featuring diverse talent onstage and they should now double down on that commitment as they look for a new host," she said.

On Dec. 4, Hart was announced as host for the 2019 Oscars. Shortly after, he was called out online for anti-gay tweets he made and jokes about how he'd react if his son grew up to be gay. Hart eventually apologized and stepped down Thursday.

"I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past," Hart said. "I'm sorry that I hurt people. I am evolving and want to continue to do so. My goal is to bring people together not tear us apart."

Watch Ellis on CNN below.


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