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1,400 Investor Lawsuits Seek 8.2 Billion Euros from VW

Sep 23
A German court says it has added staff and storage space to handle a flood of 1,400 investor lawsuits against Volkswagen seeking damages worth 8.2 billion euros ($9.2 billion).

Report: American Drivers Are Wasting Money on Premium Gas

Sep 22
AAA estimates Americans wasted $2.1 billion in the last year on the wrong gas.

Innovation, Safety Sought in Self-Driving Car Guidelines

By Joan Lowy, Tom Krisher, and Dee-Ann Durbin | Sep 21
Saying they were doing something no other government has done, Obama administration officials rolled out a plan Tuesday they say will enable automakers to get self-driving cars onto the road without compromising safety.

GM's Electric Chevy Bolt to Go 238 Miles Per Charge

Sep 15
The Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors' Tesla-fighting electric hatchback for the masses, will be able to go 238 miles (383 kilometers) on a single charge.

Uber Gives Riders a Preview of the Driverless Future

By Dake King | Sep 14
Uber riders in Pittsburgh can get a glimpse of the future by summoning a car capable of handling most of the tasks of driving on its own.

Tesla Says It's Improving Autopilot by Boosting Radar

By Bree Fowler | Sep 13
Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the electric car company is making major improvements to the Autopilot system used by its vehicles, which will dramatically reduce the number and severity of crashes in which they are involved.

Those Chirps and Chimes in Your Car Have Science Behind Them

By Tom Krisher | Sep 10
Whether it's the pleasant greeting when you slide into the driver's seat or a loud, annoying beep that warns you of an imminent crash, there's science behind the noises that your car makes.

Cars: A Brand-By-Brand Look At New 2017 Models

By Dee-Ann Durbin and Tom Krisher | Sep 8
With the new models that automakers are rolling out for 2017, you can wrap yourself in luxury, get thrown back in your seat with the thrill of high horsepower, sit high in an SUV or load your stuff into a functional new hatchback.

Volvo Cars, Autoliv Team Up to Develop Autonomous Driving

Sep 6
Chinese-owned Volvo Cars and Sweden-based automotive safety group Autoliv say they are creating a jointly-owned company to develop autonomous driving software for Volvo cars.

Japan Raids Mitsubishi Motors Over Mileage-Cheating Scandal

By Yuri Kageyama | Sep 4
Japanese transport ministry officials raided the Tokyo headquarters of scandal-ridden Mitsubishi Motors Corp. on Friday after the government alleged the automaker cheated on mileage ratings on more models than earlier reported.

6 thru 15 of 924 Stories