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'Sex Panic' :: GLBT History Museum Lecture Revisits Bathhouse Closures

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sep 26
A standing-room-only crowd piled into the GLBT History Museum in the Castro to hear a lecture on what led to the death of San Francisco's famed gay bathhouse culture.

Folsom: A Fair for the Kinky

By Race Bannon | Sep 25
It's that time of year again when the entire city comes alive with everything leather and kink! Whether you're a Bay Area resident, a pilgrim to Folsom, or watching from afar, you'll want to know all about this year's fair.

Soldier: It's Harder to Be a Bronie Than Gay in the Army

Sep 24
A U.S. solider said it's harder to be a Brony -- a (usually) older male who is obsessed with the My Little Pony toy / cartoon -- than being an openly gay in the Army.

With Smartphones Watching, On-Field Passions Go Viral Fast

By Steve Megargee | Sep 21
When players hear all week about the importance of playing with passion, sometimes they end up showing too much at the wrong time. Waiting to catch them is a stadium full of smartphone-wielding fans and millions of viewers.

Aging in America, Part Six: Is Enough Being Done?

By William E. Kelly | Sep 19
There should be no doubt that America is in the midst of an aging population crisis that needs priority attention.

Tide Commercial Too Good To Be True

By EDGE | Sep 16
It sounded too good to be true: it turns out the Tide ad that trended on the web yesterday is a fake.

Nose for Style: Paris Launches Major Perfume Museum

By Thomas Adamson | Sep 14
Aside from the history, a new major museum - now among several other smaller museums in Paris dedicated to scents - demonstrates both perfume's increased popularity and its status as the financial backbone of today's globalized luxury industry.

Alabama House Committee Approves 'Porn Tax'

Sep 11
Porn may get pricey for Alabama residents.

Report: Gay Porn Actor Dies at 24

Sep 10
Gay porn actor Mehran Chestnut, who performed under the name King B, died on Sept. 3 at the age of 24, gay porn website Str8UpGayPorn (extremely NSFW) confirmed Thursday.

FUZZ Goes Back to the '80s This Friday Night

By EDGE | Sep 10
FUZZ Goes Back to the '80s This Friday Night @ The Alley Bar.

6 thru 15 of 1599 Stories