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How Millennial Nostalgia Fueled the Success of 'Pokemon Go'

By Marina Villeneuve | Jul 21
The children who once dreamed of capturing real-life Pokemon starting in the 1990s are now the nostalgic millennials helping fuel the worldwide success of "Pokemon Go."

Watch: Video of Male Model Working Out With Cat Goes Viral

Jul 20
If you've been on Facebook this week you've probably see at least a few friends share a super sexy video of model Travis DesLaurier working out...with his cat.

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes Dominate Social Media After Speech

Jul 19
Accusations that Melania Trump lifted parts of her speech Monday to the Republican National Convention from one Michelle Obama gave eight years ago have become a trending topic on social media under #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes.

The 'Show Biz' in Trump's GOP Convention Far Short of A-list

By Leanne Italie | Jul 19
The "show biz" in Donald Trump's Republican National Convention fell considerably short of A-list Monday.

Dig These Discs :: Bright Light Bright Light, Susan Surftone, Shura, Sean McConnell, Jack & Amanda Palmer

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 18
Susan SurfTone releases her fourth solo album, Shura releases her debut album, and Bright Light Bright Light drops his third. Amanda Palmer and her dad, Jack, team up to release "You Got Me Singing," and Sean McConnell releases his eighth album.

'Pokemon' No: Trying, But Failing to Get the Smartphone Game

By Todd Richmond | Jul 18
No one, it seems, can escape "Pokemon Go."

The History of LGBT Bookstores in the Castro

By Michael Flanagan | Jul 17
The closing of Books Inc. in the Castro last month and the opening of Dog Eared Books (489 Castro) where A Different Light once existed has gotten me thinking about bookstores and the literary world of San Francisco.

That Big Pub Crawl Downtown? It's Just 'Pokemon Go' Fans

By Brandon Bailey | Jul 16
If you thought it was bad dodging phone-fixated "Pokemon Go" players on the sidewalk, just wait: Legions of tipsy people could soon be chasing cartoon monsters from one tavern to the next in a series of pub crawls planned for cities across the U.S.

'Pokemon Go' Players Arrested at Ohio Zoo

Jul 15
Police say two "Pokemon Go" players in Ohio have been arrested for criminal trespassing at the Toledo Zoo.

Prince Harry Takes Instant HIV Test; Results Are Fine

Jul 14
Britain's Prince Harry has taken a nearly instant HIV test as part of his campaign to raise awareness about the virus.

6 thru 15 of 1891 Stories