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Review :: Manhunter

By Ken Tasho | May 25
The iconic character of Hannibal Lector didn't make his movie debut in "Silence of the Lambs" like some people think. That distinction belongs to this 1986 underrated film.

Review :: Zapped!

By Ken Tasho | May 24
What's more enjoyable than a harmless, dated 1982 comedy?

Review :: Bad Influence

By Ken Tasho | May 24
Those two 80s studs Rob Lowe and James Spader starred in a 1990 potboiler that should get reexamined.

Review :: The Naked Island

By Kilian Melloy | May 24
The special features contain interesting tidbits, but the film itself -- luminous, moving -- is the star of this new edition.

Review :: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 2

By Ken Tasho | May 24
The long out-of-print second installment of the seminal series that spoofs bad movies features some of the best and hilarious episodes.

Review :: A Married Woman

By Kilian Melloy | May 24
Godard's films can be exasperating, but in this case the pieces do fall together quite nicely. The Cohen Media Blu-ray edition is a gorgeous 2K high definition restoration that serves his vision quite nicely.

Review :: Remember

By Michael Cox | May 23
This extraordinary revenge tragedy about an Auschwitz survivor who discovers that the man who murdered his family is living in America is loaded with cinematic gold - legendary actors, suspense and thought provoking themes of justice and identity.

Review :: Easy Rider

By Kilian Melloy | May 22
Criterion's care in putting this edition together results in a definitive package. You need to see this movie if you've haven't yet; if you have, you need to watch again, more closely, with its creators whispering in your ear.

Review :: The Witch

By Ken Tasho | May 20
This recent critic and audience favorite comes reasonably priced and the Blu-ray has some fairly good extras.

Review :: Maggie's Plan

By Frank J. Avella | May 20
Written and directed by Rebecca Miller (daughter of Arthur Miller), based on a story by Karen Rinaldi, "Maggie's Plan" soars because of Greta Gerwig, as well as a delicious brand of the "screwball surreal."

1 thru 10 of 6617 Stories