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Review :: Jason Bourne

By JC Alvarez | Dec 6
In the fifth film in the franchise Matt Damon returns to the role that made him an action star and Jason Bourne a legend. Available now on Blu-ray and Digital HD as well as 4K Ultra HD for the best picture quality and sound ever!

Review :: Kicks

By Tony Pinizzotto | Dec 6
New from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is "Kicks," an inner city coming-of-age film.

Review :: Howards End

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 6
Cohen Media go all-out to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Merchant Ivory film "Howards End" with a 4K-scan Blu-ray release prepared from the original camera negatives.

Review :: Me, Myself And Her

By Roger Walker-Dack | Dec 5
This is only the second ever Italian movie based around a lesbian relationship. Maybe they should wait before they think about rushing in and making the third one.

Review :: Pretty Poison

By Michael Cox | Dec 5
A good director can transform an actor's career; a great director can destroy it. In "Pretty Poison" some of Anthony Perkins most compelling acting is overshadowed by Norman Bates.

Review :: The Eyes Of My Mother

By Noe Kamelamela | Dec 5
"The Eyes of My Mother" is a gruesome fable about a young murderess.

Review :: Moscow on the Hudson

By Michael Cox | Dec 2
Twilight Time's limited release disc bring Paul Mazursky's beloved Cold War romcom to Blu-ray, a film that shows how even critics of this country can be fiercely patriotic toward it.

Review :: Summertime

By Dale Reynolds | Dec 2
The joys and sorrows of forbidden love between two lovely young women in 1971 France.

Review :: Lone Wolf and Cub

By Jake Mulligan | Dec 2
You already know "Shogun Assassin." Criterion's new Blu-ray box-set of the saga-one of their strongest and most comprehensive releases to-date-reveals the rest of the story.

Review :: Things to Come

By Dale Reynolds | Dec 2
A middle-aged professor of philosophy has her life upended in a fantastically intelligent drama.

4 thru 13 of 7069 Stories