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Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Little House

By Jake Mulligan | Sep 4
Though the film may not reach the formal heights of those filmmakers who influenced it, it does know its place within history.

Cinema Review :: Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine

By Louise Adams | Sep 4
Alex Gibney's documentary shows its cards with the subtitle: "Bold. Brilliant. Brutal."

Cinema Review :: Bloodsucking Bastards

By Kevin Taft | Sep 4
Nothing that'll stake you in the heart, this vampire-laden "Office Space" told Edgar Wright-style is mildly amusing, but pales in comparison to the British master of comedic horror.

Cinema Review :: A Sinner in Mecca

By Roger Walker-Dack | Sep 4
Out gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma has followed his award -winning documentary "A Jihad For Love" with an even more daring look at what it takes to renew his faith when he goes to Mecca for his sacred pilgrimage.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Elena

By Ed Tapper | Sep 3
"Elena," a 2011 film by Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev, makes an impressive debut on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Blood Punch

By Ken Tasho | Sep 2
It's long overdue that a horror movie has bite, wit, originality, and gore all wrapped up in one nifty package. This DVD has all of that and more.

Cinema Review :: The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution

By Louise Adams | Sep 2
Writer/producer/director Stanley Nelson shows how little we've learned about racial equality in this comprehensive documentary.

Cinema Review :: A Walk in the Woods

Sep 2
Robert Redford and Nick Nolte are a pair of grumpy old hikers in this stale buddy comedy.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

By Jake Mulligan | Sep 2
Allen's biggest influences always shouted over the works he created -- and when he was working with a talent like Gordon Willis, his collaborators could make their voices heard just as clearly.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Good Kill

By Frank J. Avella | Sep 1
"Good Kill" is an arresting and resonant, if emotionally draining watch that deserves to find a larger audience on the home entertainment platform.

4 thru 13 of 5937 Stories