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Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Gunman

By Michael Cox | Jul 2
The latest from the French action-movie director Pierre Morel ("Taken") is an adaptation of the 1981 novel "The Prone Gunman" by Jean-Patrick Manchette. "The Gunman" has all the ingredients for a high-powered action thriller.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Get Hard

By Michael Cox | Jul 2
It's too bad that Freudian analysis has fallen out of favor. Those who study humor and its relation to the unconscious will have a field day with "Get Hard."

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Hard To Be A God

By Jake Mulligan | Jul 2
The greatest effect of "Hard to Be a God" isn't an intellectual one -- it's sensory assault.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Carla's Song

By Jake Mulligan | Jul 2
We realize the narrowness of our own perspective, whether it be toward international politics or the people who sit next to us on the bus.

Cinema Review :: Terminator Genisys

By Kevin Taft | Jul 1
The latest "Terminator" film is a sequel-ish reboot that is a bit too convoluted for its own time-hopping good.

Cinema Review :: Magic Mike XXL

By Frank J. Avella | Jul 1
Channing Tatum dominates in "XXL" and truly delivers outstanding work, and I am not just talking about his stripping techniques -- although give the man props for being able to keep up with the ridiculously limber tWitch!

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Jimmy's Hall

By Roger Walker-Dack | Jul 1
This rather enchanting tale of a man who could do a mean Bessie Smith impression is based on a very real story.

Cinema Review :: Mala Mala

By Roger Walker-Dack | Jul 1
The success of Sickles' and Santini's excellent film starts with the spot-on casting choices that they made, as each of their subjects had a compelling story to tell of their own.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Danny Collins

By Frank J. Avella | Jun 30
"Danny Collins," a moving lovely work, deserves to be given a second life on the home video and digital platforms. Lovers of film, and Pacino in particular, should seek this gem out.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Ghost House / Witchery Double Feature

By Ken Tasho | Jun 30
Two Italian horror gore-fests come out of the hidden movie vaults and are sure to please fans of bloody mayhem films.

4 thru 13 of 5759 Stories