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Review :: Johnny Guitar

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 27
Those who like Westerns, strong female characters, or Joan Crawford films (or all three) will find plenty to delight them with the Blu-ray release of this "crazy Nicholas Ray fantasy" starring Joan Crawford as a pistol-packing damsel in distress.

Review :: Warcraft

By JC Alvarez | Sep 27
The gaming phenomenon is now on the big screen and available on Blu-ray! Enter the world of "Warcraft," where valiant heroes battle evil Orcs for survival on an alien planet unlike any ever seen on film.

Review :: From Afar

By Dale Reynolds | Sep 27
When middle-aged Armando finds street-thug Elder in Caracas, Venezuela, one's expectations get up-ended.

Review :: Lady In White

By Ken Tasho | Sep 27
Director Frank LaLoggia has only directed a handful of feature films, and in 1988 he helmed one of the most critically acclaimed ghost stories.

Review :: Theatre of Blood

By Jake Mulligan | Sep 26
"Theatre of Blood" did emerge during a transitional moment in the history of horror-but it moved the genre forward, rather than getting left behind.

Review :: Beauty And The Beast - 25th Anniversary Edition

By Kevin Taft | Sep 26
Disney releases its classic animated film "Beauty and the Beast" for the third time and asks viewers to jump through hoops to get classic and new extras.

Review :: Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection

By Ken Tasho | Sep 26
Those time-travelling banshees known as Bill & Ted are back in a new Blu-ray, two-film collection.

Review :: Seed: The Untold Story

By Louise Adams | Sep 26
This sensual and terrifying documentary is a call-to-(f)arms to save civilization by protecting seeds.

Review :: Audrie & Daisy

By Derek Deskins | Sep 23
"Audrie & Daisy" shows rape to be what it truly is: Not a problem for the unlucky few, but one that we as a society must address. It overcomes its filmmaking deficiencies with a drive to start a dialogue and give the voices back to the victims.

Review :: It

By Ken Tasho | Sep 23
Pennywise the Clown is back to haunt the kiddies of Darry, Maine, and not in a movie remake... yet, anyway.

4 thru 13 of 6910 Stories