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The Top Iconic Beauty Look of All Time? Red Lipstick

Dec 28
Winged eyeliner, red lipstick and smoky eyes are among the most iconic beauty looks of all time.

Audrey Hepburn Named Ultimate Beauty Icon

By EDGE | Dec 21
Audrey Hepburn is the ultimate beauty icon, according to a new survey. The British actress, who died in 1993, had remarkable bone structure, meticulous make-up and an elegance which was hard to match.

Review: "Perfume" by Lizzie Ostrom

By Oline H. Cogdill | Dec 20
Fragrance has always been wrapped in social and economic issues, controversy, memories and history as Lizzie Ostrom so persuasively shows in the lively "Perfume: A Century of Scents."

Survival Guide: 5 Musty-Try Winter Skincare Brands

By April Stamm | Dec 15
Keep fresh-faced and youthful this winter with EDGE's favorite face and skincare products of the season.

Watch: Daddy Daughter Hair Factory

Dec 8
"It's not about the braid, it's about the bond." After years of watching YouTube videos and eventually learning to style his daughter's hair, single father Phil Morgese decided to share his expertise with his fellow hair-challenged brethren.

New Study: Shaving Pubic Hair May Increase Chance of Catching STDs

Dec 7
A new study from the University of California-San Francisco published in "Sexually Transmitted Infections" found that people who shave their pubic hair increase their chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Tame The Beast

By David Goodman | Dec 4
If you want to tame your beast, well your beastly beard or hair. Then this very cool brand will help you do it! They have an amazing CYBER MONDAY deal as well - which is actually good through Dec 15th!!! How cool is that!

Train Across Jasmine Fields Threatens Chanel's Perfume-Making

Dec 2
Chanel is making a stink over a possible high-speed train line through French jasmine fields in Provence, warning it could threaten production of its Chanel No. 5 perfume.

Gift Guide: Julie Goldman's Quirky Picks

By Matthew Wexler | Nov 30
EDGE's latest gift guide comes from funny lady Julie Goldman, series regular on Bravo's "The People's Couch" and "Vanderpump Rules After Show."

Gift Guide: Exclusive Picks From LUSITANO1143's Carlos João Parreira

By Matthew Wexler | Nov 29
EDGE turns to some of our favorite tastemakers for their holiday recommendations.

6 thru 15 of 1233 Stories