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5 Tips For Safe Spring Cleaning

By EDGE | Apr 19
With spring finally here, people will be cleaning, traveling and getting out of the house to enjoy the warmer weather. Follow these tips to ensure your property is safe and secure as everyone breaks out of winter hibernation.

Get Stoned: DIY's New Series Stars Jeff Devlin

By EDGE | Apr 18
Licensed contractor and carpenter Jeff Devlin restores centuries old homes in DIY Network's new series, "Stone House Revival," premiering Wednesday, May 11.

5 Tips for Apartment and Condo Safety

By EDGE | Apr 15
While living in a condo or apartment building may have certain security advantages over a traditional house, there are still several important home security tips that owners and renters should keep top of mind.

In Homelessness Crisis, Hawaii Eyes Thatched 'Hale' Homes

By Cathy Bussewitz | Apr 14
Lawmakers and community members are pushing to revive the Hawaiian tradition of living in hale (pronounced hah-lay), thatched homes made from local trees and plants as a way to provide more affordable housing.

Bzzz: Ortho Drops Chemicals Linked to Bee Decline

By Dan Elliott | Apr 13
Amid ominous warnings about threats to pollinators and the food crops they make possible, garden-care giant Ortho said Tuesday it will stop using a class of chemicals widely believed to harm the most important pollinators of all: bees.

Hotel Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home

By Beth J. Harpaz | Apr 13
Here are some tips from three hotel brands - Renaissance, Baccarat and Loews - on how to create that same serene and inviting atmosphere at home.

Cole Porter's Birthplace Needs a Facelift

Apr 11
Efforts are underway in the northern Indiana city of Peru to spruce up the two-story wooden house where composer Cole Porter was born.

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home

By EDGE | Apr 6
Spring is almost here and that means it's time for spring cleaning. In addition to getting rid of the clutter in your home, how can you create a truly healthy living environment for your family?

First Lady Hopes Successors Will Continue Her Garden

By Darlene Superville | Apr 6
Michelle Obama says she hopes future presidents will continue the project she calls "my baby," her vegetable garden on the White House South Lawn.

NC Anti-Gay Law Does Damage to Biannual Furniture Show

Mar 29
Some of the roughly 20,000 retail and interior-design companies that attend the twice-a-year High Point furniture market say they won't travel to North Carolina next month because of a new state law voiding a Charlotte anti-discrimination ordinance.

6 thru 15 of 1882 Stories