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A Penny For Your Thoughts... or $2.6 Million

Jan 13
An experimental U.S. penny struck to test a design in 1792 sold at auction for almost $2.6 million a day after another rare penny sold for $2.35 million at the same collectors' convention.

Few Gems at International CES Gadget Show

By Anick Jesdanun | Jan 10
Technology forecasters are calling 2015 the year of the Internet of Things, implying that everyday objects will use sensors and Internet connectivity to start thinking and acting for themselves. Are the capabilities on offer worth the expense and hassle?

New Technology to Make Your Home Smarter

Jan 9
CNET senior editor Donald Bell joins CBSN to discuss some of the hottest tech at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, including a 105-inch Smart TV that bends, and an innovative home thermostat.

Stores Had Better-Than-Expected Holiday Season

By Anne D'Innocenzio | Jan 9
A rebounding economy and big discounts fueled Americans to spend more briskly in stores than expected during the winter holiday shopping season.

Raise Your Home's IQ

By Anick Jesdanun | Jan 5
Imagine a world in which your garage door opens automatically as you pull into the driveway. The living room lights and heater turn on - perhaps the oven starts warming up, too.

How Much Would You Pay For a KKK Robe?

Dec 31
Tucked between children's Victorian-era button-down shoes and a World War I collar bag, one item stood out on an auctioneer's website touting an end-of-the-year sale: a Ku Klux Klan robe dating to the 1920s.

35 Years Later, Cabbage Patch Kids Still Have Fans

By Kate Brumback | Dec 25
Collectors travel from far and wide to Babyland General for a chance to adopt a Cabbage Patch kid, an iconic doll that's been on the market since 1978.

Down to the Wire for Online Holiday Shopping

By Mae Anderson | Dec 23
As the holiday shopping season winds down, FedEx, UPS and online retailers are using the last few days to try to avoid the problems that occurred last year when severe winter weather and a surge in late orders from shoppers caused delivery delays.

Poll Reveals Cards and Gifts Cross Religious Lines

By Jennifer Agiesta, Emily Swanson | Dec 23
Christmastime is here and a new poll reveals the cards and gifts that are part of celebrating the holiday are ubiquitous, even among those who don't share the Christian beliefs behind the story of the Magi who gave the first Christmas gifts.

Online Pricing Stumps Holiday Shoppers

Dec 22
Online shopping has become as volatile as stock market trading. Wild, minute-by-minute price swings on everything from clothes to TVs have made it difficult for holiday shoppers to "buy low."

6 thru 15 of 1697 Stories