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Men in the Alps

by Brian Callaghan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Feb 22, 2014
Men in the Alps

In 2006, photographer Peter Viehweider and art director Gerhard Zanetti put together their first charity calendar featuring sexy, semi-clad Bavarian studs, called "Men in the Alps." The popular calendars were released annually until this year, and to date have raised more than $150,000 for a variety of AIDS and other charities.

The best photos of the "Men in the Alp"s calendars from 2008 to 2014 have been compiled into a colorful new picture book, "Men in the Alps," again with all proceeds going to charity.

The men in the photos are an attractive bunch, some bearded and furry, others smooth and clean-shaven. Some of them have tattoos and edgier looks, but most look like the Klaus or Helmut next door. As you expect from a calendar based in that region, there are plenty of fair-skinned blondes and dark-haired Italians, but there are models that come from number of countries outside the Germanic countries as well, including Russia, Poland, England, the Netherlands, Turkey and even the Caribbean island of Curacao.

The men are all shirtless, usually wearing just lederhosen or nothing at all, but those looking for full frontal nudity or sexual poses would be advised to look elsewhere. The handsome, smiling men in this collection do still provide plenty of nice eye candy, though.

Despite the book’s reasonable price of $55, it could be one of the most expensive books you’ll ever buy, as you’ll be very tempted to book a Lufthansa flight to Munich or Zurich this summer!

Most years the calendars had themes including Zodiac signs, vintage vehicles, sports, local cuisine and music, so the men can be seen posing with everything from drums, trombones, and tubas, to cabbages, vegetables and fresh loaves of bread.

The photos involving vintage cars feature some classic Mercedes and a Lincoln Continental, as well as a bizarre little car which looks like something Mr. Bean would drive.

While the men are quite stunning, the mountain scenery is similarly impressive -- the snow-capped granite Alps, sapphire blue skies and emerald green meadows burst from the pages in bright technicolor hues. All that's missing is Julie Andrews spinning around in her convent frock.

The overall impression the book leaves is that everyone involved is having fun for a good cause. The models are young, handsome everymen, willing to bare their fit bodies for a good cause. Readers should be warned, however, that despite the book's reasonable price of $55, it could be one of the most expensive books you'll ever buy, as you'll be very tempted to book a Lufthansa flight to Munich or Zurich this summer!

"Men in the Alps"
Peter Viehweider and Gerhard Zanetti
Bruno Gmuender


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