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She Effin’ Hates Me

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Mar 9, 2014
She Effin’ Hates Me

If a book starts with the following delicious line: "You know, as your mother, I'd rather give myself a bikini wax with Super Glue than criticize a single thing about you." Well then you know you're with no doubt going to want to get to know these characters, if that's the last thing you'll ever do -- even if you instantly hate them all you will keep reading. Scarlett Savage, an energetic, naughty-smiled and candid woman, has just delivered "She effin' hates me" the paper and flesh version based on the multi-awarded play -- and the world might just be a sweeter place because of it. Sweeter, or perhaps more love filled.

The story follows a bunch of dames, each fabulously detectable, learning how to deal with love and the rumbles and twinges it somehow manages to cause: breath in and breath out. The three generations of women have meticulously plaited their lives for better or for disaster and they circle like witty vultures above the lives of the others while quietly learning more about themselves. But the learning leaves the wit and brings some treeless truths to the characters -- the way only we, as humans, are totally capable of conjuring up. And the result is that the roll of the story gently takes your hand and leads you out of this silly forest. But ever so gently.

But before you leave the greenery, Savage manages to let her story hurdle the now very topical neo-feminism and how being gay could possibly fit into a woman's universe. She doesn't intellectualize any of it, rather, she lets her sense of humor guide you into the next clearing and you then egg her on to gradually keep going.

"You know, as your mother, I’d rather give myself a bikini wax with Super Glue than criticize a single thing about you."

If Savage isn't on Twitter (follow her it's worth it: @ScarlettSavage6) she's winning some kind of award for her writing, and so her latest book is waiting for its own list of accolades. Perhaps the sense of this book, that actually feels so much like a memoir, is that she drops the sword and picks up the shield instead. It makes for a new way of seeing characters that aren't fighting really; they're protecting and learning something we all want to bone up on in the process.

Maybe Puddle of Mud should be playing as you read this -- maybe she does just hate/love you.

"She effin' hates me"
Scarlett Savage
Skyhorse Publishing Company

Based between New York and Cape Town, Daniel Scheffler writes about socio political and travel matters and is working on a memoir. Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler.


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