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The End of Big

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday May 19, 2014
The End of Big

What might appear to be slightly doomsday caressing and loving is actually a very real and important look at radical connectivity and how we, as the inhabitants of this planet, might have no clue whatsoever how it will affect us down the very thin (potentially red) line. "Social media pioneer," political and business strategist, and Harvard Kennedy School faculty member Nicco Mele now presents his book "The End of Big" -- a look at a potential dark age.

The book moves between questioning the demise of "institutions" and as Mele says "the institutions have failed us." He tinkers across sustainability (which he deems hopeless if we don't address everything supporting it) and warns against fetishizing technology and goes all through universities and their problems to the media (think New York Times and the rest of the crew). The man calls government "bloated and inefficient," and rightly so. Somehow Obama, who was once our hero and will always remain the nicest guy on the stage, has managed to be totally crippled by Congress and the House, and thus been caught up in the bureaucracy we hate. Bureaucracy, a trait of the old world, is part of why Americans have risen above everyone else -- they managed to escape it, for the most part. But Mele won't stop there.

and to be mindful that in "ten years from now we might live in fear of extremist groups" a so-called mayhem

Merle goes on to say that we need to "exercise more deliberate choice in technology" and to be mindful that in "ten years from now we might live in fear of extremist groups," a so-called mayhem. Just look at the small groups of hackers disrupting the world with technology right now. Mele imagines "daily life without currency issued by the government," and mentions questions like: What if sanitation department didn't collect your trash? How will we solve hunger and global warming? He calls it a new dark age, and he might well be right. Well, unless we spot it right now, Hillary might have her job cut out for her already.

Technology was meant to better our lives (Google and Apple promised!), but somewhere we have forgotten to question how it could worsen our lives. Merle's book does an impeccable job to bring up the questions we have had in the back of our minds and potentially haven't voiced as of late.

"The End of Big"
Nicco Mele
St Martin's Press

Based between New York and Cape Town, Daniel Scheffler writes about socio political and travel matters and is working on a memoir. Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler.


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