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Members Only

by Brian Callaghan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Jun 6, 2014
Members Only

Most gay men would love to trade places with the Italian fashion photographer responsible for the new photo book, "Members Only." The lens man, who uses the pseudonym "Giovanni," has just published a book dedicated to dozens of artistic close-ups of male genitalia.

Oddly, none of the faces of the models are shown, just close-ups of their copious crotches. The camera frequently strays to include the models' fit torsos and toned thighs in this collection of black and white, sepia and full color photos. Considering the photographer's Italian heritage, it's not surprising the majority of the penii on display are uncut, and size queen readers will be happy most are decidedly above average in length.

The photographer does not attempt make this a comprehensive, scientific study of every shape, size or age of the Trouser Trout, and for that the reader will likely be grateful. The models are uniformly fit, young and hung, so there are no portraits of three acorns in a nest and no shots resembling Santa Claus' junk. Instead, Giovanni gives the people what they want by highlighting male manhood at its best.

While not always porn-star ridiculous in size, the objects of Giovanni's attention represent a Best in Show variety of wieners. Most are shown at rest, but a fair number are at full attention and ready for action. About 30 percent of the photos are taken in the shower, with water streaming down the models' fronts, which becomes a bit tedious after a while.

While not always porn-star ridiculous in size, the objects of Giovanni’s attention represent a Best in Show variety of wieners.

While the thought of a book with 115 artfully photographed pictures of phalluses might sound appealing, after half-way through, a certain sameness eventually sets in. Outside the setting of the full body, the dicks become more clinical that sensual, similar to book filled with only close-ups of eyes, noses or feet. For this reviewer, the added context of the model's face offers a more complete experience, but many will probably have no problem with that.

Also, another quibble, in this day and age, using a pseudonym for an erotic but artistically photographed book seems a bit cowardly.

If you're a devotee of the dick, chances are "Members Only" is right up your alley.

Bone app├ętit!

"Members Only"
Bruno Gmuender


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