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Hard Choices

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 19, 2014
Hard Choices

It seems that Hillary Clinton is inevitable. The world stage has opened, and when I say opened I mean everyone has left his place and given her room to breathe. If she doesn't win, never mind run, something is strange with the star alignment because as far as the seas meet the continents, the time has come for the final breaking of a glass ceiling. From women standing up to fight against rape in India, to our hero Malala, to more African women in congress and parliament than ever before and then there are the trio of South African presidents and let's not forget the array of books leaning in and leaning over and leaning all over the place. But "Hard Choices" isn't about all that, yet.

Hillary Clinton, Madam Secretary, soon to be grandmother and moderate politician seems to bring a cloud of sunshine along with her. Although she has the money and the machine, her message is yet to be revealed - we look to her latest book for the message, but she is shtum on all of it. And that is most beautifully a cunning move for a shrewd politician waiting to exhale.

The book is long, and rather boring for the most part, but you can’t win an election with a tell-all smutty dirty delicious read unfortunately.

The book actually focuses on her four years as President Obama's Secretary of State - a prestigious and most incredible feat. She not only clocked the miles, but also achieved a whole lot of soft skills, reminded Africa that they shouldn't let go of what they have most of (natural resources) and moved the US to Asia and out of Europe. She's been asked to list her achievements and yes we are tired of the ideologists that have run the country for a while and she's everything but - she is the pragmatist that we need. Oh boy, let's hope the Republicans can put down their pitchforks and stop talking about Benghazi and Hillary's fashion choices and see that she is willing to work with Congress and is actually (who knew) rather moderate!

The book is long, and rather boring for the most part, but you can't win an election with a tell-all smutty dirty delicious read, unfortunately. She reveals only as much as she needs to, not a word more. And that's the Clinton we want to avoid in a Presidential campaign - the calculated wordsmith that controls herself. What we want now is someone who loses her heart for us. I believe she won't make that mistake twice, this time she is going to let go and fall head over heels for all of America. The book is just a reminder of how skilled and ahead of her peers she really is - you can read and skim, but the value is there between the lines. She's loved and hated, but who hasn't had to make some hard choices.

"Hard Choices"
Hillary Clinton
Simon and Schuster

Based between New York and Cape Town, Daniel Scheffler writes about socio political and travel matters and is working on a memoir. Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler.


  • Wayne M., 2014-06-21 18:21:17

    Hopefully the next President of the United States. She was certainly very well received at speaking engagements in Canada.

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