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The Hardest Thing

by Christopher Verleger
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 13, 2013
The Hardest Thing

Dan Stagg, the narrator of James Lear's seventh novel, "The Hardest Thing," is a hot-tempered ex-marine with a bad attitude and a limitless libido. In this steamy erotic thriller, the former major crosses paths with one dangerous character after another, yet still manages to satisfy his sexual appetite along the way.

When a fight breaks out at a night club where Dan works crowd control, the owner holds him responsible and shows him the door. The now former bouncer isn't unemployed for long, however, when the brawl makes the papers and catches the attention of a renowned land developer, in need of a bodyguard. Suspecting foul play, Dan initially balks at the offer, but accepts the lucrative assignment, which involves transporting an associate from New York City to rural New Hampshire.

Despite the familiar premise and predictable outcome, Stagg's gritty and unapologetically randy disposition makes for an entertaining read and the painstakingly thorough details of his seemingly endless, random sexual adventures are hard to resist and are what truly keep the pages turning. Select incidents include a heated restroom run-in with two redneck closet cases and an intense "workout" at a health club.

Among the erotic anecdotes is an actual story, or murder mystery of sorts, involving a young hustler privy to too much information that puts him in danger, the real estate magnate's front man with a checkered identity, and a silver fox lawyer who swoops in to save the day. In addition to the sex, intrigue and numerous attempts by others to end his life, Dan also finds what he thinks might be love--something he hasn't felt since he met Will Laurence, a fellow officer killed in combat.

"The Hardest Thing" is a juicy, fun read, just in time for the summer. Erotica fans will revel in the raunchy escapades and the few questions that remain unanswered will leave the reader looking forward to Dan Stagg's next pursuit.

"The Hardest Thing"
James Lear
Cleis Press

A native New Yorker who called New England home for almost three decades, Chris is an aspiring author who now lives in sunny Florida. Email him at cwverleger1971@yahoo.com


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