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Let Me Tell You Something

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 30, 2013
Let Me Tell You Something

"Let Me Tell You Something," the new book by "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo, proves that Manzo is both real and a housewife. She shows how down-to-earth and family-focused she is in a book that highlights her secrets of success in the realms of family, romance and career.

"Let Me Tell You Something" can best be described as a long-form Manzo magazine. It features photos, recipes, Ask Caroline questions, behind-the-scenes tidbits from the show and Top 10 lists. These are in addition to biographical "articles" that focus on traditions, kids, love, body and life. Despite the "Cosmo" style and occasional fluffy segments the book does not lack in heart or wisdom. She is not shy about sharing personal information and putting her opinions out there.

Manzo manages to distill the lessons she's learned from being a wife, mother, businesswoman and celebrity into a neat little package. Despite her newfound fame, she does not alter her persona. Whether it's a recipe with the specific brand name of cheese, a confession about filming, or a photo of her with Hugh Heffner, Manzo is unabashedly real. She shows the person she is, not only on "Real Housewives" but also in life; a sometimes pompous and pious but all-together caring, thoughtful and insightful person.

Despite the "Cosmo" style and occasional fluffy segments the book does not lack in heart or wisdom.

The magazine format for the book does cheapen it a little. It creates a frenetic, ADD-inducing reading of worthwhile talking points and biographical information. Having a heartfelt story of your children intercut with an anecdote about "Real Housewives" filming and a "Dear Abby" style question doesn't make for a smooth read. Also, because some segments of the book are show short, their flaws are more readily visible. Not all of the "Ask Caroline" questions are expertly or even insightfully answered, not all of the Top 10 lists include 10 worthwhile items. That being said, the book still touches on some truths that some people do not have the courage to admit to themselves.

Despite its few shortcomings, Manzo wouldn't care what you thought of her book. She exhibits integrity and confidence in herself that is admirable. The person she is on "Real Housewives" is the person she is in real life; that is who has written this book.

Despite the presence of fluff and self-congratulation, Caroline Manzo's book, "Let Me Tell You Something" is a heartfelt extension of the woman we fell in love with on "Real Housewives." It's an autobiography with a "Pop Up Video" feel that may distract at times but highlights some important life lessons and homemaking tips. Fans of the Manzos and "Real Housewives of New Jersey" will love this book and, if you are Team Teresa Giudice, you may want to read the book with a highlighter pen.

"Let Me Tell You Something"
Caroline Manzo

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