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Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter

by Kitty Drexel
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Oct 15, 2013
Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter

The title of Bergman's latest ode to family, "Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter," is a list of ways a modern LGBTQ family is created. He's married to a good man; is raising a bright son; his luck extends to the many people in his community. Family may begin through blood, but membership extends beyond platelets through union, ritual and by choice. He explains in his essays with delicate care that although we can't choose to whom we are related, we can choose who we accept into our hearts and homes. It isn't a "How To" for others; it is an example of how good life can be.

Bergman explains that it is the winding of stories, the shared stories that make up family. Passages in this book are devoted to the evolution of his family as it stands now. He discusses his personal life in excruciating detail: His Jewish parents still consider him their daughter; he is raising his delightful son, Stanley, as non-gendered as is possible; the outside world regards Stanley's transgendered dads as misfits; Judaism remains a focal point for his family. He makes it clear that he is aware that the cards are stacked against him. Yet, Bergman approaches his world with tender compassion and gratitude. His writing is affectionate and respectful even as he's expressing frustration that society at large won't be as open minded as he is.

Bergman is a lucky man, and he rubs it in with his latest non-fiction release.

Bergman's essays are colored by his experiences as a transman. He does the Community a great service by explaining what it was like transitioning and what it might be like for parents raising trans-kids. This book is also for parents who don't know what to expect but are willing to love their kids anyway.

Bergman's career as an author, public speaker, artist, etc. has blazed trails for other Trans-identifying individuals. He has given his community a voice that resonates across the world. Trans people, adults, kids are capable of having rich, fulfilling lives as ripe (if not more so) than any cis-gendered person. Bergman is a lucky man and he rubs it in with "Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter," his latest non-fiction release. If he weren't so humble about it, you'd think he was bragging.

Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter
S. Bear Bergman
$18.95 CAD, $18.95 USD


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