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Pacific Rimming

by Lukas Akerley
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Apr 22, 2013
Pacific Rimming

In Tom Cardamone's latest novella, "Pacific Rimming," readers are taken on a journey of obsession and lust as a nameless main character finds fulfillment and desire in the clubs, beds and drugs of Manhattan during the 1990s.

"There is absolutely no interest in finding the source of an obsession," narrates the main character on the first page, he goes on to unabashedly reveal his obsession, "White boys do nothing for me," he continues. Asian men fulfill him in a way that other men cannot.

The main character is on a quest of all things Asian. One could easily say he is an Asianphile, he is beyond obsessed with all things Asian: movies, books, food, art and men.

Tom Cardamone's writing style is dark but fitting for the main character. With no first name, the main character is a man of intrigue. Readers know much of his present but understand so little of his past and future, and this adds to his intrigue and mystery.

Mr. Caradamone successfully transports readers to an underground dance floor of drugs, sex and desire.

Mr. Cardamone is able to capture New York City at a time of innocence, pre-9/11. The City comes alive and acts as supporting a character and best friend to the main character. The City accompanies the main character even as he does a bump of coke or stumbles home from a passionate one-night stand. Gotham is omniscient, never judging and always supportive.

Keeping in mind that this is a novella about a man's sexual conquest in the 90s, there are references to beepers, pay phones and indoor smoking. This ensures that the reader knows Grindr and Craigslist are non-existent. The main character must find his sexual conquest the old fashion way, at gay clubs and bars.

Aside from a cheesy sounding porno title, "Pacific Rimming" is a great read. It is quick and painless. Without being overly descriptive, Mr. Caradamone successfully transports readers to an underground dance floor of drugs, sex and desire.

Pacific Rimming
Tom Cardamone
Chelsea Station Editions
$13.00 paperback
$5.99 digital


  • GAG'EM, 2013-04-23 22:49:11

    Either I’m very old or Mr. Akerley is very young. To think, pre-9/11 NYC was a time of innocence when people had to meet the old-fashion way: maybe sitting across the room at a barn dance sipping punch and smiling shyly, or being chaperoned around the town square in a hoop skirt carrying a parasol.

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