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The Truth About Style

by Kitty Drexel
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Aug 22, 2013
The Truth About Style

Style is a skill developed over time, and adjusts just as a person develops with age. Although personality can be inherent, style often must be learned. In "The Truth About Style," Stacy London, focuses on the psychological setbacks that prevent women and men (to be fair this book is written for women but the style strategies are suitable for all) from dressing well for their body and age. It shares with the reader "unvarnished truths" of the unique physicalities of 9 different ladies. Along the way, London details the gruesome truths behind her own style journey.

We, the people who aren't nudists, imbue negativity onto our body and project it into the world via our clothing. If the reader is familiar with London's hit TV show, they'll know that this isn't speculation; it is fact. Using her own experiences, London addresses some hard truths for the sartorially insecure: What you put on your body sends a message to the outside world. She theorizes that style is a tool that can and should be used to express who you are in the moment. She then expounds on how to develop personal style through self-understanding.

Style teaches you how to live in your skin. There is a reason why most of the subjects on "What Not To Wear" look the same after their make-overs (called "Start-overs" in this book). She and her co-host Clinton Kelly are giving their subjects the basic rules of fit and size. Style is left to to be discovered by the individual once they are comfortable with applying the episode's guidelines.

Stacy London focuses on the psychological setbacks that prevent women and men from dressing well for their body and age.

The clothing doesn't express much personal character because Stacy and Clinton can't teach individuality. They only have enough time in an episode to reset and polish a victim. What London can do in this book is remind the reader not to fear, to play with fabrics and texture while reaching deep within for the reasons behind their fears. This is her way of giving back to the world community and helping others who may have experienced a journey similar to her own. Based on her writing, she is a kind but strict, intelligent woman. Hers is a sweet gesture.

This book is not a primer on being fashion forward or even conscious. The pages brim with vivid photos that hint at the potential for one's own style development. It is approximately coffee-table-book-size, but is too well written to languish unread on a coffee table. This is a book for those of us who need a gentle kick in the pants or their hand held when shopping. The "truth" about style is that the clothing we wear is a visual representation of our psyche. By controlling what is on your body, you have the opportunity to control you and how others view you. It's a satisfying change from the many, many books out there about Fashion's rules.

"The Truth About Style"
Stacy London


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