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Raising My Rainbow -- Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Sep 4, 2013
Raising My Rainbow -- Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son

In the genre of blogs leading to books some have been more successful and poignant than others. In the case of Lori Duron's "Raising My Rainbow -- Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son," success and poignancy isn't the issue, it's the sheer bravery and timely relevance that leaps out. Call it brutal, but heartfelt sounds somehow softer and more earnest -- call it gender creative.

Duron, like every really great parent, doesn't judge her pink-loving Lady Gaga-inspired young son C.J. -- she embraces his love for 'girly' things and allows him to be a princess that he so naturally wants to be. What makes Duron remarkable, as a parent and human, is her relentless seeking to find the best way to care for a son that is very different from her other son. The differences in these boys are not only in the one's love for trucks and the other's for Barbie dolls, but it's their personalized need for understanding from a parent. Duron seeks the help of her gay brother, the deeper-than-ever Internet, and a transgendered friend, and then blogs about it, only to discover a community of equals.

"Is it okay for a boy to paint his nails and wear a skirt? n Where do we draw the line as a society? Is it society’s responsibility to draw one at all? Once drawn, can the line be moved? Only forward, but not back?"

The book, Duron's first, feels like a manual for educators and parents facing the same situation regardless of their religion, political status, or mindsets. Duron manages to break through that division by showing the strength of empathy and of appropriate love given to a child. The book acts as the perfect script for the times, where gay rights, including adoption and marriage, are very much on the discussion tables across the world. Duron takes contemporary thinking and brings a clear insight into a segment of society to which everyone can now relate -- whether reluctantly or not.

Duron, with her personal narration style, gives off the allure of meeting an old friend (that's so much wiser than you are) and making notes in your head as she speaks all her pearls. Duron and her husband are not sure whether their son will grow up to be transgendered or even gay, but what they do know is that they are raising their son with a strong sense of self and the ability to never be embarrassed for who he is. That seems to be universal for every parent, no matter what color your son or daughter likes or with whom he or she ends up falling in love.

"Raising My Rainbow-Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son"
Lori Duron
Broadway Books

Based between New York and Cape Town, Daniel Scheffler writes about socio political and travel matters and is working on a memoir. Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler.


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