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Who’s This Masked Man in the ’Channel’ Balaclava?

Saturday May 4, 2013

Justin Bieber rose eyebrows this past week (though, as it turns out, you couldn't see his).

On Thursday the media's favorite 19-year old bad boy appeared with a balaclava with a prominent designer label.

He Instagrammed the pic with the word "Channel."

The picture is a close-up of Bieber, made him one of the week's choices for look of the week; though on E's "Fashion Police."

"I'm going to say what I said after my date with John Hamm, what a huge dick," quipped host Joan Rivers.

"Does he or does he not look like a gay burglar," she added. "'I'm going to break into your house and I'm going to redecorate.' What is he doing?"

Joan’s Ranger Kelly Osbourne also thought the hat showed an insensitivity on Bieber’s part in lieu of the recent Boston Marathon bombings and aftermath. "I don’t think it sends the best message."

It wasn’t the first time, though, Bieber has worn the balaclava. He wore recently while entering a hotel in Stolkholm, Sweden.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, he also wore red velvet military-style jacket featuring gold buttons and trimming.

He also "is seen looking to the side with his mouth half open in the somewhat sinister-looking picture.
He is wearing a red velvet military-style jacket featuring gold buttons and trimming."

The Mail also reported that Bieber cancelled his Oman concert after Muslim leaders allegedly found him to be ’too sexy.’

Muslim leaders in the country were said to be offended by his controversial behaviour and provocative on-stage routines, deeming him ’too sexy.’

"And while concert organisers have remained tight-lipped about the reason behind the cancellation, it has been reported that the star had faced a backlash from a number of anti-Bieber groups in anticipation of his arrival in Oman."

This is the latest controversy in Bieber’s year of living dangerously. He was recently called on leaving a message in a guestbook in the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam where he wrote: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber."

Also this week he posted a racy cartoon of himself in bed with a naked girl lying on his chest with the words ’Justin Belieber’ written above.

Adding to his troubles, he is under investigation for a motor vehicle altercation this past Tuesday in California with a neighbor..

According to the Mail: "Jeff Schwartz - a 47-year-old successful businessman and father of three - is said to have asked Justin on Tuesday to slow down his driving in the quiet neighbourhood in Calabasas, California, leading to Justin responding with foul language.

"Apparently he said, ’Get the f**k out of here. I’m gonna f**king kill you,’ at the same time projecting saliva onto the man’s face."


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