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PopUps :: The Dating Game

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Jun 13, 2014

In this week's PopUps we explore the ups and downs of dating, who is seeing whom, who is not seeing whom, and what the hell Taylor Swift made for the forever friend-zoned Ed Sheeran:

Last week, Rihanna, 26, made headlines after sources say her and Canadian on-again-off-again boyfriend, sensitive rapper Drake, are definitely not together anymore, much to his chagrin. But is that because she's moved on to ex-Goop, Chris Martin?

TMZ reported Monday that the "Diamonds" singer was spotted going out to dinner with the Coldplay front man at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica Sunday night. TMZ reporters asked Ri Ri if it was just a business dinner (they did collaborate the epic "Princess of China" together back in 2011 and Rihanna has a new album coming out later this year), or is it something more? Of course she didn't say anything to them but here are a few reasons to think perhaps it was a romantic dinner: They are both single; the dinner spot is Rihanna's favorite place; and they left separately to avoid being seen together.

But Martin, 37, wasn't trying too woo Ri, at least according to Hollywood Life.

"Chris is nice, a real great guy who makes her laugh but in no way are they doing anything other than talking business and music," a source told the site. "That's it and that's what they were discussing." The source added that Rihanna is not Martin's type.

"It was a simple business dinner and afterward, they bounced separately," the source added.

They do seem like an odd couple, but if they get serious, you know that Gwyneth "Goopy" Paltrow would be the chilliest ex-wife ever.

In other weird match up news: Cameron Diaz may be dating Benji Madden, one of the lead singers of the forgotten band Good Charlotte, which dominated my music listening experience between eight and ninth grade. TooFab points out the duo sparked rumors last month when they were seen leaving the gym together, but the website offered more evidence: photos of them holding hands in NYC Tuesday. The site adds that Benji’s sister-in-law, Nicole Richie, who is married to his twin Joel Madden, is responsible for the match up.

Let’s continue down this road and stop by Lea Michele’s love life. Michele, who was reportedly paid a cool $20,000 to wear Lacoste clothes to Coachella last April, may be putting that money to good use because she is dating a former gigolo.

TMZ reports the "Glee" star has been dating Matthew Paetz on the down low for the past few months. Sources close to the couple told TMZ Paetz has been hired for Cowboys4Angels, a website that offers male "companionship" to lonely women, under the moniker Christian. The site said (his profile is now down) Paetz is a certified life coach, dating expert and massage therapist, according to TMZ. He charges $350 an hour and up to $6,000 for a weekend (get it girl). If you can afford $17,500 you get Paetz for an entire week. Good thing for that Lacoste cash!

TMZ’s sources say the two apparently met on the shoot for Michele’s music video "On My Way," and that Paetz recently took a client for a weekend in April but has gone on a hiatus since he and Michele became a thing.

In somewhat surprising - but not really - dating news, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together again!


Bieber and Gomez’s relationship has been "complicated." There were rumors that their relationship caused Gomez to enter rehab and was an issue between her and her friends, especially Taylor Swift (see this amazing gif). But I guess you can’t stop what the heart loves...

According to E! Online, the Biebs allegedly posted a back-and-white photo to Instagram (which of course is now deleted) that shows his head being cradled into the pop star’s arms. You can’t see Bieber’s face but it’s him because of that ugly neck tattoo.

A source told E! that they were not aware that Bieber and Gomez are back together, however. But the troubled Canadian singer’s rep refused to comment. You’d think they’d be over since Bieber has been allegedly hooking up with a lot of ladies as of late (we’ll get to that later).

Robin Thicke is trying to get back with his estranged wife Paula Patton by naming his upcoming record (that will definitely not have a single as successful as "Blurred Lines") "Paula," US Weekly reports. It does, however, feature that forgettable single "Get Her Back," which is really lame for a lot of reasons.

Meanwhile, we have 72-year-old domestic goddess Martha Stewart who apparently wouldn’t mind a little male attention. She opened up a Match.com profile last year and is still hoping to find the perfect man to match her perfect drapes and take care of her ridiculously puffy dogs.

"I’d love to have a more regular male companion," she told Haute Living New York.

Maybe she should get Lea Michele’s man on the phone.

Finally, we have two big breakups: First up, Jennifer Lopez and the questionably gay Casper Smart. The Daily Mail reports the duo split up last week but the 27-year-old backup dancer did not waste any time getting his shit out of the "I Luh Ya Papi" singer’s home.

The site also says that Lopez, 44, is being a super cool ex-girlfriend and is letting Smart keep all the expensive gifts she got his broke ass over the last two years, including a customized truck.

"He gets to keep all the gifts that Jennifer bought him, including the customized truck that she gave him for his 25th birthday," a source told People. "Jennifer has always been very generous and Casper has bags of things to move out."

TMZ adds a trans model that Casper is said to be involved with had nothing to do with the breakup. A source said, "The idea that he was knowingly texting a transsexual is laughable."

It’s really not that laughable though. What is laughable is how Rita Ora, the U.K.’s answer to Rihanna, and DJ / producer Calvin Harris broke up.

Ora, who dated Harris for just over a year, confessed that he was the first person she’s ever fell in love with but it’s all over now, thanks to Twitter. It was on that social media behemoth that the pop singer found out she and Harris were done. Last weekend, the DJ took to the social media website and announced, unknowingly to Ora, that he was over it.

"To address speculation - myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best," he wrote.

A source told The Sun (via the Daily Mail): "Rita was left embarrassed when he tweeted that it was all over. She didn’t think he was going to make the announcement, so she was shocked."

The split comes after Ora was seen partying with other men and that she may have done something naughty with Bieber.

"Word got back to Calvin, Justin and Rita got touchy-feely with each other while they were in the recording studio together over the last few months," a source told TMZ.

See what happens when you fool around with Bieber? Your boyfriend breaks up with you on Twitter. That’s what you get. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you, especially you Selena. Get it together.

BONUS: In what will never ever be relationship news, Taylor Swift showed her sisterly / BFF love for singer songwriter Ed Sheeran by making him a Drake needle point, MTV reports.

It’s pretty amazing and reads "Started from the Bottom Now We Here," the hook in Drake’s 2013 single "Started From the Bottom."


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