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Zac Efron Acknowledges Gay Rumors

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

Just as with every handsome Hollywood hunk, Zac Efron has been dancing around gay rumors for years. Tabloids have speculated that the actor's relationship with fellow Disney star Vanessa Hudgens was a fraud and media outlets have been relentless with challenging his sexuality.

But Efron, 24, recently talked to the Advocate about the rumors and his views on the LGBT community.

The "High School Musical" star said he is "incredibly grateful and honored" by his gay fans.

"I'm extremely aware of the support I've gotten from you guys over the years, and it's amazing that it's taken this long to sit down and actually discuss it, but please know that it hasn't gone unappreciated," he said.

The actor also talked about his upcoming movie "The Paperboy," where he strips down to his underwear and dances with Nicole Kidman. He said he is fine with gay men getting excited about his skimpy role and said he finds it "very flattering."

"After ’High School Musical’ and ’Hairspray,’ I’ve always felt embraced by the gay community, and I feel incredibly grateful and honored," Efron told the Advocate. He went on to talk about his role in "High School Musical" and how it impacted LGBT people.

"I think the gay audience related to my character Troy, because it really was a story of embracing who you are, no matter how different you might be, and not being afraid to show it. That’s a universal theme for everyone, but it specifically resonated with the gay community, and I felt very proud of that."

The actor then discussed gay rumors and said, "I don’t like to live in fear about things like rumors and backlash to begin with -- that’s the way I was raised -- but I just can’t see what’s so wrong about being gay."

Efron was also asked about his views on marriage equality and the movie star said the issue impacts several of his close friends and "the most influential people around me." He went on to say, "I just want them all to be happy. It would make me so happy to see them able to live their lives and do what they want to do."


  • Oh Jed said:, 2012-09-13 01:33:28

    Good for him. I’ve never watched anything he’s done, but he seems like friendly guy who is loyal to his friends and fans. Straight or gay... he’s okay.

  • Caleb Burgess, 2012-09-13 05:43:58

    Hes a preaty good actor in all.. an I agree with Jed his personality an spotlight have showed him a good supporter for marriage equality’s for all... an that’s something more an more famous people are doin an its greatly help to show people that its nothing to mock or scorn its natural

  • , 2012-09-24 06:18:28

    Hes ok with me he stand up for what he belvese in good for him

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