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Do Tats Show That’s Cheyenne Jackson on Sex Tape?

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

Cheyenne Jackson is apparently not too shy about jacking off on camera.

It appears that way if a video that surfaced online on Wednesday turns out to be real. It allegedly shows the out "Glee" star in point of view jerk-off.

According to the International Business Times, the video, which has gone viral in a matter of hours, may be legit.

It is also very NSFW, but you can watch it at Fleshbot.

"It's about damn time Cheyenne Jackson starred in something worth watching!" Fleshbot, a sex website founded by Gakwer, writes.

According to IBT, the "52-second video doesn't show the openly gay Jackson's face until the end when he turns around and says, 'Clearly, I need my boyfriend here.'"

At the end of the clip, the man in the video shows his face, which many believe looks like Jackson.

Whomever it is, he’s a ringer for Jackson. What is adding credence to the person in the video being Jackson is the prison tattoo on his right arm, which appears to be a match to one that Jackson recently received.

Queerty reports the recently divorced Jackson left NYC for West Hollywood to be with his new boyfriend. "A source told the gay site that Jackson showed off his new tattoos when he arrived at a pool party with his new beau, who was described as a ’very young man,’" the IBT wrote.

Queerty quoted a source that said: "Cheyenne has shaved his head, covered his once-gorgeous body in what I can only describe as prison tattoos and is now sporting a handlebar mustache. His inner arm has a tattoo of the AA slogan ’Life on life’s terms.’ The other ones look like they were done by an inmate at San Quentin."


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