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’Jersey Shore’ Star Slams NJ Gov. Over Gay Marriage Views...Again

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Oct 11, 2013

For the second time in a month, "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "JWoww" Farley is criticizing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his stance on marriage equality - but this time, she's taking a less offensive approach, NJ.com reports.

The reality star turned unlikely activist was recently interviewed by the New York Daily News' Confidential to promote the third season of her new reality show "Snooki & JWoww" with fellow "Jersey Shore" cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi but also said she was going to "come after" the Republican governor for standing against same-sex marriage.

"If you have a problem with two people being in love, and you're against gay marriage, I have a problem with you," Farley said. "What happens between two human beings has nothing to do with Chris Christie and does not affect Chris Christie. What does affect me is when my best friend can't get married in New Jersey, and my best friend's mother, who is a lesbian, can't get married."

She added, "I hope at the end of the day, that Christie sets his personal opinions aside. There's nothing about (gay people) that makes his day bad, makes his day different. They don't affect him living his daily life."

Earlier this month, Farley made headlines when she lashed out against Christie soon after his administration appealed a judge's ruling that would legalize gay marriage in the state. TMZ approached her and asked what she thought of Christie, who has previously criticized the cast of the MTV reality show.

"He's retarded," Farley said. "He's a disgrace to New Jersey ... just like we were."

Later, she took to Twitter to apologize and clarify what she meant:

"Caught off guard last night and said things I normally don't say," she wrote. "I find it disgusting people are still against gay marriage... So because of that I called [Chris] Christie a name which wasn't appropriate. I do find him disgusting and judgmental. I'm for gay equality."

A New Jersey Superior Court judge denied a request Thursday by Christie's administration to delay gay marriage in the state, which is set to take place on Oct. 21.

Christie has been adamant that the issue should be decided by the voters and be put on the 2014 ballot. A recent poll, however, shows that the majority of New Jersey voters (62 percent) support the judge's decision to legalize gay marriage.


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