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Former Ohio Basketball Player Is World’s Tallest Transgender Person

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Sunday Jan 8, 2012

Greg Walker, 25, was a handsome and talented basketball player from Ohio, but claims he always felt different. After dropping out of college, he changed his name to Lindsay and began dressing in women's clothes to become the world's tallest transgender person at 7-feet tall, the Daily Mail reported in a Jan. 4 article. (Please note: That's 7 feet out of heels.)

It nearly took two years for Walker to become legally recognized as a female but she now has a B-cup bra size, wears dresses and wears a size 16 high heel shoe.

Lindsay has also contacted the "Guinness Book of Records" in hopes of officially being entered as the world's tallest transgender person.

"I was smart and always had girlfriends and loads of girls chasing me," Walker told the Daily Mail. "But it somehow didn't feel right, almost like it was a charade."

Instead of going after the girls who were interested in her, she befriended them to talk about fashion.

"I started to feel really isolated and thought there was something wrong with me and at 18 I started doing research secretly into why I was feeling so different from everyone else."

Walker said by the time she turned 21, she was at her lowest point, began having emotional problems and started to heavily drink.

"Then one day it just clicked and I knew what I had to do. I started wearing women's clothes and later turned to female hormones to suppress the testosterone in my body."

Growing up, Walker was an avid basketball player and was even offered a basketball scholarship to study economics and marketing at Central Michigan College. That didn't last long, however, as he dropped out when he was 21 to purse his new lifestyle.

Lindsay eventually wrote her family a letter explaining her situation. Thankfully, her parents understood, were accepting and supported her throughout his transformation.

Lindsay is currently saving up for a gender reassignment surgery and hopes to have it by the end of next year.


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