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Which States (and Countries) Are Really Into Gay Porn?

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Mar 14, 2013

If you've ever wondered what kind of porn Icelanders watch, or what kinky thing people from Kentucky are into, adult search engine PornMD's new report has finally answered all of your porn habit questions.

The website has collected its most-used search terms over the past six months and released an infograph that shows the top 10 search results in each state as well as in a number of countries from around the world.

"Ever wonder which states or countries are into when it comes to what goes on behind closed doors? In this graphic below we take a look at the sexual interests of people around the planet," the website's introduction reads.

Some of the results weren't that surprising; the graphic shows that some of most popular porn search terms in the U.S. are, "milf," "teen," "college," "creampie" and "massage" But PornMD's interactive map also lets you check out each state's top 10 searches, which proved to be interesting.

Fourteen states had a gay search term in their top 10 porn searches, including Kentucky, which was the only state with "gay" as the number one search. The term? "free gay porn." Mississippi's second most searched term was "black gay" and Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina and Louisiana also had the term in their top 10 search results.

Most of the "gay" searches in the U.S. were for "straight (gay)," which is most likely people looking for "gay for pay" porn. Besides the states mentioned, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Florida, West Virginia and New York all had a gay search term in their top 10.

But gay porn searches around the world were prevalent, epically in South America where it dominated. In Peru all 10 searches had gay terms, in Chile, nine out of the 10 searches were gay terms and Venezuela had eight gay searches. In Asia, Cambodia, Japan and China had the most gay porn search results and the Middle East proved to be interesting as Kazakhstan's top search was "Russian (gay)." Iran and Iraq had six and three gay search results respectively while Palestine had one.

It would appear not too many people are searching for gay porn in Europe since most countries' results did not even yield one gay search term -- except for Ukraine, which had three, including its number one search, "raincoat (gay)" (we're not sure what's all about either) and Iceland, which four gay search terms.

As for Africa, most countries listed had one or two gay search terms in the top 10 but South Africa had four, which were all for gay porn stars like Adam Killian and Race Cooper.


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