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’The Gender Experience’ Premiers on TruRytme.tv

Thursday Dec 19, 2013

The idea that a network thought it not robbery, but an asset, to ask a transgender individual to spearhead a talk show on their budding internet station came from Dwight Mobley, the owner of www.TruRythme.tv.

The online network is approaching its first anniversary and the network couldn't be prouder. The proposition was nothing short of groundbreaking for the LGBT community in the sunny city of Miami,FL.

Mr. Mobley is determined to provide quality internet programming designed to "empower and enrich the lives of people in our community. And 'The Gender Experience' talk show, is just another example of facilitating a platform for individuals to express themselves, who may not otherwise have the opportunity."

Transgendered individuals in this community and beyond are woefully underrepresented in television/ radio programming. And when they are provided a platform for self -expression, very seldom are they taken seriously.

"We have been unjustly relegated by society as being nothing more than psychos and/or prostitutes. Many transgendered individuals are left feeling powerless, disenfranchised and disillusioned about their place in society" said Jasmine ford. "Lead by the Lord to work with Jasmine, I am encouraged and excited to see how The Gender Experience will impact our community and potentially the country." Stated Mr. Mobley.

The show was named "The Gender Experience" because the quest for identity, self- validation, hope and purpose are elements of the human experience we all (regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity) pursue desperately throughout our lives. Sometimes due to no fault of our own, some individuals lack the tools needed to better navigate the peaks and valleys of life, while others sail through life seemingly unscathed.

It is from this foundation we are going to discuss thought provoking material from an unconventional perspective. This talk show was created to take a hard look at the social construct of sex, sexuality and relationships, as they occur across the gender spectrum. My co-host is Renee Singleton, a female to male transsexual, who holds a master's degree in Behavior Science.

He is currently a drug treatment counselor at the Village Treatment Center in Miami. I (Jasmine Ford) am a telemetry nurse and Senior at Florida International University majoring in clinical psychology with a concentration in gender and sexuality, as well as, minoring in Biology.

"The Gender Experience"
Premiers on www.TruRytme.tv
Dec. 19th 2013. @ 10:00 p.m.


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