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LGBT New Zealand Group Recreates ’First’ Kiss Viral Video

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

Remember that awkwardly adorable black and white viral video that showed complete strangers kissing for the first time?

Well, Love Your Condom, a New Zealand group that raises awareness about safe-sex among gay and bi men, recreated the "First Kiss" clip and asked 20 male strangers to lock lips for the first time.

The original video, which featured both same-sex and opposite-sex kissers, was directed by Tatia Pilieva and it was later revealed that the arty clip was in reality an advertisement for a clothing company. And the strangers weren't actually strangers -- though they didn't know each other they were not exactly strangers. The kissers were models, actors and singers hand selected by producers for the video. Both clips use the song "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" by lesbian singer-songwriter Soko.

The Love Your Condom clip currently has 6,303 views and 200 likes. The original "First Kiss," which was posted on March 10, has nearly 70 million views.

"First Kiss" has sparked a number of parody videos, like "First Handjob" and "First Sh*t."

Check out the gay "First Kiss" and the original below:


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