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Spiritual Boot Camp :: Greatness

by Jacob Glass
Sunday Apr 27, 2014

Accepting that you were born for greatness is not arrogance. When properly understood, it is actually quite humble. Our essential greatness is not in what we accomplish or achieve in the world, it is inherent in our spiritual nature.

Therefore, we are not taking personal credit for this greatness so much as we are simply recognizing it - something desperately needed in our community and the times in which we live.

Our society tends to be obsessed with finding validation through externals, whether that is through our achievements, what we have or what we look like. Obviously this leads to anxiety and depression, not to mention addictions and self-destructive behaviors. So it is very important to recognize that our greatness is not in any of those things and it's nothing we need to "get" or do. Our part is to first begin to realize that nothing we do, or think, or wish, or make is necessary to establish our worth. The Universe has created us as whole, complete and perfect right now.

What is necessary, as a quote from the "Course In Miracles" reminds us, is to begin to let go of our "littleness" - to stop having small thoughts about ourselves. It is not that we need to step into our greatness - but we do need to relinquish our limiting thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.

"Is it a sacrifice to leave littleness behind, and wander not in vain? It is not sacrifice to wake to glory. But it is sacrifice to accept anything less than glory." - "A Course in Miracles"

I remember in the 1980s seeing Oprah giving her first TV interview to Barbara Walters. Barbara said that she knew about Oprah's painful childhood, and she asked Oprah how she was able to maintain such a rock-solid confidence in herself in spite of what she's gone through. Oprah said, "I've always known I was born for greatness in my life." Now to some, that may have sounded arrogant - but it is quite the opposite. She didn't say, "I was born for greatness, but not you." She didn't say that she was special or different. And in the decades that have followed, I think that the world has seen just how right she was to make that wonderful declaration for herself, back at a time when she was still in year one of a talk show that no one could have known would even last.

We cannot let our past hurts and failures define us. Nor do we need to do anything huge or ambitious in worldly terms to prove our greatness. Our greatness is all that is left when we leave our self-doubt and insecurity behind. As Mother Teresa said, "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." It is the power of the love within us that makes us great. Do one small thing with great love today, and you will have activated the greatness within you. Speak from your heart, listen with your heart and refuse to listen to the voices of doubt and fear within. You were born for greatness.

Jacob Glass is an author and spiritual teacher in Southern California. His new book "You Were Born for Greatness" will be published summer 2014. For more information it, Jacob's teachings and his speaking schedule go to jacobglass.com.

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