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Hot Gifts for Two

by Joel Martens
Friday Feb 14, 2014


What's more romantic than an evening in, preceded by a selection of delectable appetizers, a wonderful home cooked meal, a glass of wine and a great film - maybe some truffle oil/Parmesan popcorn to top it all off? Count me in!

Film Movement makes the process that much easier and a whole lot more interesting. It bypasses the blockbuster Hollywood phenomenon and goes directly to where the best stories are being told - where characters are developed in depth - the independent film market.

Want to be able to share and see these award-winning independent and foreign films with your sweetheart long before anyone else? Then this is the "indi" process for you. For as little as $13 a month subscribers receive an award-winning film plus a bonus short each month to own on DVD, or via online streaming, before it is released to theaters and the general public.

You can also buy past club films immediately - months before they are available to non-subscribers, plus get a members-only discounted price. The first film club of its kind, Film Movement is a completely curated experience; meaning a team with over 35 years combined experience in the industry selects titles from all over the world including top prize-winners from the world's premier film festivals. For more information on pricing, or to start your subscription, go to filmmovement.com.


Speaking of wine, who doesn’t need a little help when choosing a wonderful, unique and intelligent taste experience? I vote for another no muss, no fuss, but totally perfect, arrives-at-my-door kind of gift. Let someone else do the legwork for you and give them what any serious wine lover would appreciate the most-outstanding, limited production wines-every single month of the year. Selections are expertly chosen by a two-tier tasting panel with over 40 years of experience, comprised of 10 sommeliers, over 30 professional tasters, from novice to expert (providing the broadest possible experience) and winemakers from around the world. Each month, you will receive premium wine selections from two different award-winning boutique vineyards, accompanied by a monthly newsletter which profiles the winemakers, with tasting notes, recommended food accompaniments and complementary recipes. Choose the Premier Series for $32.95, the Masters Series for $49.95 or the Collectors Series for $69.95 per month. All’amore, alla vita! For more information or to get your delivery started, go to winemonthclub.com.


Do I even have to explain?

Just go to the website and do it!



Okay, following the same vein here... So many of us are so crazy-busy, I look for things that make life a little easier. So like I said before, what’s better than to-your-door delivery?

We’ve covered what to watch, what to drink, now how about something to eat? What better pairing with your new wine of the month than a delicious artisan cheese of the month?

The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club membership will include three approximately half-pound Artisan cheeses from around the world every month. You’ll get hand-cut selections consisting of a variety of traditionally made farmhouse cheeses that have been carefully tended and aged.

Along with that you will receive a monthly newsletter with detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, and serving suggestions. $32.95 a month plus $13 shipping and handling. My Wisconsin cheesemaker roots are screaming, "You must order this." To do so, go to cheesemonthclub.com.


You have wined, dined and watched a romantic film, the mood is set: Want a lasting memory of your Valentine’s roll in the hay? How about a roll in some hot sexy paint? Intriguing, isn’t it?

Just in time for your special day, Love Is Art, a unique painting kit that defines the concept of romantic creativity, provides you and your sweetums all the materials necessary to create your very own art masterpiece while between the sheets -- well, actually, more sort of on top of them... Lordy, this sounds like a tube-o-fun.

The kit comes with everything you will need to "safely" create a one-of-a-kind tangible piece of abstract, expressionistic art (I mean that so literally), including a plastic sheet to protect surfaces from paint splashes (don’t get too crazy now), a treated non-allergenic cotton canvas, four specially formulated four-ounce bottles of non-toxic washable paint, a specialized body scrubber for the cleaning up the multi-colored afterglow and a return label to return the canvas.

The gallery edition kit allows couples to choose from several canvas options and paint colors. Once you’ve "created" the one-of-a-kind piece of art, just return the canvas and the Love is Art artists will stretch, mount and wire your painting, then add a double-layer EX-74 epoxy resin coat, which protects and simulates a deep glass-like appearance.

The final result is a gallery-worthy portrait of your creation, sent directly back to you for the most unique art you will ever hang in your home. For a video showcasing the "making of" Love Is Art - Gallery Edition kit, go to vimeo.com/83356107. For more information or to place your order online, go to loveisartkit.com. $600

That should do it! A little film, a bit of nosh, some great wine... and some paint.

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