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Pro-Gay Pasta Dinner Ad to Premiere in Italy

by Nicole Wiesenthal
Sunday Jun 15, 2014

All of Italy will see a young man coming out to his parents over a pasta dinner soon as the first known pro-gay ad in Italy hits the air.

The commercial, produced by Italian food company Findus, is the first known Gay-Friendly Ad ever aired in Italy. The commercial comes ten months after the chairman of the popular Italian pasta brand, Barilla, said during an interview that the company would never feature gay people in its adverts, according to The Local.

The young man makes dinner for his mother, surprising her with a delicious frozen dinner. He then reveals he has another secret, he's gay.

His mother responds, without missing a beat responds, "Honey, I knew that already." She pats his arm.

Gay activists are pleased with the humility of the event in the video.

"It's a positive step forward when different types of families are portrayed in ads, as they resonate with parts of society that are usually marginalized, said Juris Lavrikovs, the communications manager of ILGA, Europe's International LGBTI Association, according to Time Magazine.

Italy's Gay Center association spokesman Fabrizio Marrazzo also praised the ad.

"It should set an example for how Italian companies should communicate," Marrazzo said, according to The Local. "The advert clearly demonstrates the simplicity of a gay couple's daily life, and acceptance of them in an intelligent way. We applaud Findus and call on all companies, big and small, to do the same. We're still waiting for Barilla to give us a sign in that respect."

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