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New ’Predicktor’ App :: Can It Use Men’s Stats to Guess Penis Size?

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Feb 8, 2013

Size queens everywhere may be downloading a new smartphone app that can allegedly predict a man's penis size, the Raw Story reports.

According to the website for the Predicktor, which was reportedly developed by a Toronto-based family physician, the app can guess the length of an erect penis by using stats like a man's height, orientation and finger length while cross-referencing the data with trends from scientific studies.

Though the app is meant to be a joke, Dr. Chris Culligan told the Raw Story that he hopes the Predicktor will help eliminate myths related to penis size, which will relieve men of the "penis-related insecurity, anxiety or dissatisfaction."

"It's not how long your pencil is, but how you write your name," he says, quoting his father. He went on to say that porn stars "are outliers" and that they are not average men and should not impact the way men feel about their organ. He said it's more common for men to be over six-feet and three-inches than have a seven-and-a-half-inch penis.

"I realized there's a lot of literature out there," he said. "But when I was looking at the actual studies I was sort of surprised about a couple of things, one was that there were a lot of studies and two, that they didn't actually agree with what most people thought."

He added that there has never been a published study that shows race is related to penis size.

But you may be wondering, just how the app works. The Predicktor asks for men to enter in his height, buttock size, age, shoe size, age, finger length, and sexual orientation. The user is then instructed to shake his phone up and down to find the results.

"While height alone and shoe size are not predictors of penis size, they, along with a man's buttock size and the ratio of a his index finger and ring finger length, are believed to be determined by achromosomal cluster called the Hox genes," the Raw Story writes. "The Hox genes play a role in penis size and possibly sexual orientation."

Culligan pointed out that studies have found gay men have longer, thicker penises than straight men. Some of that data was founded by Alfred Kinsey, who on average reported gay men's penises were a third of an inch longer.

"Gay pride just got a little prouder," Culligan added.

Watch an ad for the Predicktor below:


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