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Report: Women Are Really Into Gay Adult Vids

Friday May 27, 2016

Officials from Pornhub, one of the most-viewed porn streaming sites in the world, have been investigating into what makes their women users tick. According to their reports, women are really into gay porn.

The website notes its female base grew in 2015 to 24% worldwide.

"The gender split viewing gay male porn is actually much higher at 37% female. Proportionately, that means women are 69% more likely to be viewing gay porn than their male counterparts," Pornhub writes.

In the report, the site notes gay male porn is "still the second most popular category among women, but for those over the age of 45 it surpasses 'lesbian' to become the #1 most viewed category."

The company then breaks down the types of the most popular gay porn viewed on the site. Coming in first is gay black porn, followed by gay porn involving straight men. Taking third place is gay "daddy" porn. Then gay bareback porn and gay "big dick" porn follow in fourth and fifth place respectively.

To learn more about the types of women who watch porn on Pornhub, click here to read the site's full report.

The latest reports come after the site made headlines for its new fitness video game "Bangfit," which encourages its users, who watch free porn, to exercise by having sex.


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