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Review :: A Dog Named Gucci

By Michael Cox | May 6
Anyone with a shred of human decency or a love of animals will be enraged by the horrifically sadistic stories at the heart of "A Dog Named Gucci," but this technically weak, ultra-low budget documentary rests its laurels on an empathetic audience.

Fans Urge Disney to Make Elsa Gay in 'Frozen' Sequel

May 6
Fans are taking to social media, urging Disney to make Elsa, the lead character from the wildly popular animated movie "Frozen," gay for the upcoming sequel, the A.V. Club reports.

Review :: Bridgend

By Kilian Melloy | May 6
Director Jeppe Rønde turns the real-life events of the suicide cluster that beset Bridgend County, Wales, into a thriller that sometimes feels like a suspense movie and sometimes takes on the chilling overtones of a supernatural mystery.

Review :: Dragon Inn

May 6
Janus re-releases King Hu's "Dragon Inn" in a restored, 4K edition. The period colors shimmer.

Review :: Rabin In His Own Words

By Louise Adams | May 6
The Israeli Prime Minster, U.S. ambassador and general was assassinated during a Tel Aviv anti-violence rally in 1994. His life is chronicled in Erez Laufer's candid film "Rabin in His Own Words."

Review :: The Offering

By Kevin Taft | May 6
Yet another pointless horror film, "The Offering" gives us bad acting, a nonsensical plot, and random ghosts that no one is afraid of.

Review :: Bite

By Ken Tasho | May 6
Can a simple and seemingly innocent insect bite lead to something deadly and dangerous?

Review :: Dheepan

By Roger Walker-Dack | May 6
Jacques Audiard's new film, about a makeshift family fleeing violence in Sri Lanka only to encounter more of the same in the west, confirms the director as one of the most important voices in French cinema today.

Review :: Beautiful Something

By Lewis Whittington | May 6
Four gay men looking for love and more on the streets of Philadelphia.

Review :: Those People

By Frank J. Avella | May 5
What truly makes the film soar is Jonathan Gordon who is so adorable and endearing that even Charlie's bad choices seem right. He keeps us interested and invested in his journey.

1 thru 10 of 9872 Stories