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Justin Timberlake fights the clock (& grim reaper) in ’In Time’

by Fred Topel
Monday Oct 24, 2011

When Justin Timberlake first started acting, he faced the same scrutiny any musician getting in front of the camera does. There was skepticism and criticism at first, but now he’s a box office superstar and acclaimed for work in movies like "The Social Network" and "Alpha Dog," or comedies like "Bad Teacher" or "Friends with Benefits."

His latest movie may make Justin Timberlake a bona fide action hero. He’s the star of "In Time," a futuristic sci-fi thriller in which he’s on the run in an oppressive society. "It gives a different physicality to a performance," Timberlake said.

"I’m from Tennessee and it’s no secret, we like to shoot guns. That’s pretty cool. I was excited because I feel like this movie in particular I feel like is my type of action character to play because he is thoughtful and very intimate. While it is thrilling, I feel like this movie is very performance driven and an intimate experience as well. You always want to get under a character’s skin but it’s fun to drive cars really fast and shoot guns and not get arrested for it. So that was fun for me."

From writer/director Andrew Niccol ("The Truman Show," "Gattaca"), "In Time" posits that people can live forever and remain young. However, all these immortal young beauties are given a clock. They can buy and sell more time as they wish, but when time runs out, that’s it. Of course Timberlake’s character doesn’t accept these rules.

"Hearing [Niccol] talk about it when we first met and seeing the world that he had created, that’s what really inspired me to come onto the project," Timberlake said. "We talked about the idea that we’re all searching for the fountain of youth so to speak. What would happen if we through science could actually achieve looking young and living forever? What Andrew so brilliantly created with that was the juxtaposition of obviously the risk of overpopulation. For lack of a better term, the establishment dehumanizing us by regulating our lives and making time the currency, that when you turn 25, a year on your body clock starts. You’re made aware of how much time you live."

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