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James Franco :: ’It’s the Oscars, Y’all’

by Robert Nesti
EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor
Sunday Sep 29, 2013

Is James Franco fellatioing a handgun Oscar-worthy?

The distribution company behind the indie art house hit "Spring Breakers" thinks so and is behind an ad campaign for getting a Best Supporting Oscar nomination for his performance as the rapping Florida drug dealer.

Franco, who was previously received a Best Actor nom for his performance as the pinned rock climber in "27 Hours," is seen in Hollywood trade publications this week clutching two Oscars in a Photoshopped image of a still from the film. In the original he clutches two handguns that he casually aims at the heads of actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Nicolette Aizenberg dressed in bikinis.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ad (sponsored by the film’s distributor A24, pushes the envelope by being what may the first of its kind in its use of a common expletive in its copy.

"Consider this sh*t," the ad reads.

It also quotes from a review by Scott Foundas from last March’s Village Voice. The full quote is below:

"It’s a full-blown Method performance (with an emphasis on "meth") that can also be seen as a knowing lampoon of Method acting. In any case, it’s a consistent astonishment. Franco and Korine are so suited to collaboration, it’s amazing it didn’t happen sooner-two prankster artists whose straight-faced self-parody can skirt the sublime. You leave the theater with Alien’s growling mantra, "spring break forevah," echoing in your head like a cantata."

The Hollywood Reporter added: "In coming months, A24 will release other ads in the cheeky tone of the movie, according to spokeswoman Nicolette Aizenberg.

"’We all believe strongly in the performance,’ Aizenberg said. ’He created something that is part of the Zeitgeist.’

"From director Harmony Korine, ’Spring Breakers’ has grossed $31.7 million worldwide since its release in March, earning praise for Franco’s over-the-top portrayal of a gangster who wears a grill in his mouth and cornrows in his hair."

Franco is also having a busy year. In addition to starring in one of the year’s biggest grossing films, "Oz, the Great and Powerful," he has received plenty of attention on the film festival circuit for his short film (co-directed by Travis Mathews) "Interior. Leather Bar" that recreates the "lost" footage from William Friedkin’s gay thriller "Cruising." He also had a meta-moment in last summer’s surprise hit "This Is The End," and recently was the subject of a Comedy Central roast that had more gay jokes than an episode of the new Ross Mathews show.

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