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Movie Promoted With Best Prank Ever

Tuesday Oct 8, 2013

When we saw this YouTube video our first thought was ... okay, movie promotion... But for what movie?

Well, it is pretty obvious since on October 18 Kimberly Peirce's remake of the Brian DePalma classic Carrie hits theaters. You remember Carrie - the teenage girl with telekinesis powers and the Mom from hell. The film made a star out of the (then) 26-year old Sissy Spacek. For the new film, the casting is more age-appropriate: 16- year old Chloe Grace Moretz got the coveted role with Julianne Moore playing her crazed, Fundamentalist mother.

The film's premise - a girl with powers to move things - caught the imagination of some savvy marketing people at MGM and Screen Gems who re-fitted a Manhattan coffee shop with all kinds of special effects. After a male customer mistakenly spills coffee on another female customer's laptop, she goes ballistic, Carrie-style, sending him up onto the wall and the furniture scurrying around the room (not to mention the terrified customers).

Watch the video below:


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