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One Direction: This Is Us

by Padraic Maroney
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 17, 2013
One Direction: This Is Us

One Direction has ushered in a British invasion for the new millennium. With their new film "One Direction: This Is Us", the boy band mixes concert footage with a behind the scenes look at their rise to fame and what life holds for them now. Giving the film an extra bit of credibility is director Morgan Spurlock.

The Ultimate Fan Edition offers the Blu-ray, DVD and a digital download version of the film, so you can watch it in any format that you prefer. In addition to the theatrical version, an extended version of the film is included with 20 extra minutes of the boys performing and their backstage hi-jinx.

The extended version, however, begins to feel a little long in the tooth by time the credits finally begin to roll. For fans who are still looking for more, the special features include extended scenes that offer a glimpse at more intimate moments that don't fully fit into the context of the documentary. There are several more scenes included that are basically deleted scenes as well. "I Didn't Do It," in particular, is an entertaining scene that shows the guys attempting to promote their show for the Japanese market.

During the course of the film, guys discuss having to record their new album, including the single "Best Song Ever." The final product and its entertaining music video are included here. While the film offers a better insight into the life of the boy band and warrants casual fans and naysayers to give them a second chance, the special features are specifically meant for those who have already been converted. For those who are already fans, the bonus materials just cement the fact that this is a necessary addition to their Blu-ray collections.

"One Direction: This Is Us"
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