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Never Sleep Again - The Elm Street Legacy

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Feb 3, 2014
Never Sleep Again - The Elm Street Legacy

At a massive running time of 4 hours, "Never Sleep Again" is the mother of all horror movie documentaries.

Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" brought a unique twist to the horror genre back in 1984 and has spawned 6 sequels, a spin-off film ("Freddy vs. Jason"), a remake, and a television series. They're all discussed in the cleverly titled "Never Sleep Again," referring, of course, to the fact that Freddy Krueger's victims are susceptible to his evil ways whilst they are asleep and dreaming.

"Never Sleep Again" was previously released on DVD in 2010 and is making its Blu-ray debut from Image Entertainment. Hosted by the gracious Heather Langenkamp, this involved documentary looks at all seven original films and features over 100 actors and crew members. Craven, Robert Englund, Lisa Wilcox, and even Alice Copper give interviews discussing their involvement with the series. Superstar Johnny Depp doesn't show up in the 240-minute film.

If "Never Sleep Again" weren't long enough, there are numerous bonus material segments to watch, clocking in at over an hour. Among them are extended interviews culled from the documentary and a tribute to fans of the series called "Fred Heads: The Ultimate Freddy Fans."

"For the Love of the Glove" shows how Freddy's infamous glove was made and how it became an iconic 80's horror movie symbol. Heather Langenkamp promotes her own documentary called "I Am Nancy," where she embraces her heroine character that made her famous. Other features include trailers, interviews with music composers, and a return to the filming locations in "Horror's Hallowed Grounds."

"Never Sleep Again"

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