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Dead Shadows

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 1, 2014
Dead Shadows

The apocalypse looms nearby in yet another "zombies take over the world" scenario, with Shout Factory's newest Blu-ray release. "Dead Shadows" arrives dead on arrival from France in a sketch of an idea better suited to a television episode. But special features save the Blu-ray from being a total bust.

In a rare feat for a horror film, the eve of a comet coming to Earth is used as a plot device. Young Chris, reclusive and introverted, has been through a comet landing before. Eleven years ago, his parents were involved in a murder-suicide. Did the comet back then have something to do with it? And what will happen to Chris and an array of party-goers when this comet returns to Earth?

After 40 excruciatingly-long minutes of character development (mostly involving lead character Chris), things finally get rolling, with SyFy-channel inspired special effects. But just when it all starts getting juicy, bam, the movie ends after a scant 75-minutes.... and this includes the 10 minutes of credits before and after the film.

So "Dead Shadows" has barely an hour worth of running time... it's also presented in French with the option of English subtitles. Newbie actor Fabian Wolfrom has just the right amount of innocent and shyness in his role of Chris and "Dead Shadows" at least has this going for it.

Four special features get included on Shout Factory's Blu-ray. Among them, director David Cholewa does a Q& A session where he divulges his feelings on horror and science fiction. Cholewa's geekdom makes this viewer have some hope that he will find the right project for his horror interests. He praises the works of John Carpenter and H.P. Lovecraft and hints that a sequel to "Dead Shadows" may be coming.

A special effects examination, two deleted scenes, and the film's trailer are worth watching as well.

"Dead Shadows"

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