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by Scott Douglas
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 6, 2014

I had been wanting to see this movie for a long time now. Ever since I first saw the trailer for it, I became transfixed. "Truth" is, without a doubt, one of the best psychological thrillers to come along in a long time. It's easily one of the top five in this past year alone. "Truth" gives new meaning to the phrase, "Never get involved with a married man." It doesn't matter how good-looking the guy is or what he offers you, there is always some secret he is keeping from you.

Writer-director and openly gay actor Rob Moretti stars in this incredible film, that he wrote and directed as well. Along side of him, comes actor Sean Paul Lockhart. Some of you may be familiar with him, seeing as how he did gay porn for about nine years, prior to turning to full-time acting. Sean plays a troubled gay man named Caleb. Rob, plays the role of Jeremiah. Jeremy is his new found love interest.

When we first meet Caleb, he is in jail answering for a crime he doesn't even remember committing. The only thing he remembers is how well Jeremy treated him when they first met. As the story progresses, you begin to see how troubled he really is. But is Caleb really a troubled young man? Or does he know exactly what he is doing the whole time?

Caleb comes from an abusive past, haunts him; it's this troubled past that makes us open our eyes. Are we really seeing things as they happened? Or are they just coming from Caleb's account of what he said happened?

Sometimes the truth is not always skin deep

Caleb and Jeremy meet over a chance encounter online, and then at a coffee shop. It's at the coffee shop that sparks fly. This begins a relationship between the two, which is wrought with an intense love connection, but also filled with jealousies and trust issues.

Upon meeting Jeremy, Caleb feels he has met someone that he could learn to love, which isn't an easy thing to do considering his life and what has happened. But there is something about Jeremy that is being kept hidden, something about his life that he fails to mention to Caleb.

Over halfway through the movie, Caleb happens upon what Jeremy is keeping from him. Once these facts come to light, it changes everything for Caleb, and not in a good way. Soon after, Caleb begins a downward spiral, in which the love that he feels for Jeremy is taken to a whole new level. Jeremy is forced to spell out whom he is, leaving Caleb with an intense upper hand. Jeremy is forced to confront both his own real life, the one he keeps from Caleb, and the life he lives with Caleb. And all of this happens while at the mercy of Caleb, his lover.

"Truth" is a non-stop suspense ride of fun. It keeps you guessing up until the end. Filled with intense sexual scenes and dialogue between Caleb and Jeremy, "Truth" begs us all to answer, "What is the truth?" It also begs the question, do we ever really know the person we are romantically involved with? Or is that just another lie that we tell ourselves, in order to save us all from the "real truth?"


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