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Hot Guys With Guns

by Scott Douglas
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday May 5, 2014
Hot Guys With Guns

How can I describe "Hot Guys with Guns?" It's got an aspect of Sam Spade to it, but even Sam Spade came out of it with more dignity. It's best to describe it as a mixture of "Lethal Weapon" and "Romper Room" all in one. It's been described as of action and thriller, as well as comedy. But to be honest, I see more comedy in "Hot Guys with Guns," with some heart thrown in.

There are two lead characters, Danny and Pippin. Pippin is your basic spoiled little rich boy. His mother has always treated him this way. He lives off her money, from which she gives him an allowance. Because of his mother, he never learned how to grow up. Pippin has never learned how to take responsibility for his actions. He has spent much of his adult life trolling for sex parties, indulging in drugs and booze, much like his mother. He treats those around him as if they are disposable.

He is someone who believes that things are more important than people. Which is very evident with how he treats his boyfriend, Danny. Danny loves him, but knows deep down that Pippin is not ready for a real relationship.

The first part of the movie tells the story of Danny and his pursuit to be an actor. He is taking acting lessons in order to win a role on this show. Meanwhile, Pippin is more interested in boozing and partying, living off his mother's money. Danny wins a part on the show as a crime-fighting detective. But in his personal life, he stumbles upon a real life crime. With the help of his teacher, he begins to uncover clues.

Lethal weapon meets Romper Room----About the only way to describe it!

As he uncovers clues, he learns that the crime relates to his own on-again, off-again boyfriend Pippin. Someone from Pippin's past is trying to get even with him. As Danny uncovers more, he puts him and Pippin in more danger.

Along the way, other characters emerge. There is Pippin's boy toy, a guy who ends things with Pippin when he realizes that he loves Danny. But ironically, he has more in common with the two of them than they realize.

There is Danny's acting teacher, who is straight. But he gets a crash course on being gay when he helps Danny and Pippin in solving the crime. There is also Pippin's one party circuit friend. He is a very well-to-do man, and as the film moves on you see he is not as squeaky clean as his high-profile image portrays him to be.

The move itself is not bad, once you get passed the cliches. The movie does try to send the important message that money doesn't buy you happiness. Case in point: The mother and her relationship with herself and Pippin. It also tries to convey that people are more important than material possessions. Case in point: The crime and who is behind the scheme. Some of the deeper messages do get lost. You have to look for them. Maybe if some of the scenes had been conceived and executed better, the messages might not be seen as pure entertainment.

If you are looking for some silly, mindless entertainment for the evening, "Hot Guys with Guns" would be a good one to watch. It's simple and mindless in some places, but the overall execution is worth the watch.


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