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Vampire Academy

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday May 30, 2014
Vampire Academy

"Vampire Academy" is so close to being utterly awesome. It's written by Daniel Waters, the writer of "Heathers" and directed by his brother who is responsible for directing "Mean Girls" and "500 Days of Summer." Instead, it's a visually stunning and mildly funny comedy with a vampire. Sadly, it's even more lacking in the bonus feature department. However, the film is definitely worth catching.

A royal vampire (Lucy Fry) and her defender (Zoey Deutch) must try to stop a plot to kill them both. And the best part is they're snarky super-powered teenage girls. The film is a fun blend of sassy witticisms and super-powers without trying to rehash "Buffy." However, the plot is full of quite a few sudden sharp turns that don't help further the plot. It also is a little uneven in tone and level of humor.

The strangest special feature is the interview with Richelle Mead.

The Blu-ray isn't full of bonus features. There is an alternate opening which is a bit better at setting up the world of the various vampire clans. But it's pure exposition. None of the deleted scenes really stand out much except for a flashback that sets up the plot a little better. The strangest special feature is the interview with Richelle Mead. It's standard fair but a little disappointing there isn't a behind-the-scenes featurette for the movie. It is interesting to see the origin for the three-clan version of vampires (Moroi), defenders (Dhampirs), and vicious vampires (Strigoi).

"Vampire Academy" is a clever enough take on vampires and teen vampire films that it's worth checking out. However, the lack of robust bonus features may leave die-hard fans of the books, or film, disappointed.

"Vampire Academy"

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